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Sweety Drop Peppers

chile_freak said:
There's no way those are incan red drop if they are sweet, I grow Inca red drop every year and they are not even remotely sweet, they are delicious, but not sweet! And several ajis are quite small
Where they perchance soaked in something that sweetened them up some pre service though?
KrakenPeppers said:
Where they perchance soaked in something that sweetened them up some pre service though?
I don't think it would remove heat... Incan Red Hot are much more than 1000shu right ?
So weird this got bumped now because about a week or two ago I went to Fogo de Chao and they had these on their salad bar. Loved them so much I had to google them, and one of the resulting links was this thread. :D. I think they were pickled or something. They're on Amazon and probably in stores but I can't vouch for the taste being the same.
SeaDuds said:
I'm 99% positive they're Biquinho/Chupetinho.

There's a much loved brand of pickled pepper here called Roquito. It took a lot of research to find out what they were but my sources say that they are Biquinho/Chupetinho/Sweetydrops, all three being the same breed.
The problem I'm having is that the Biquinho pepper that SeaDuds linked above has reviews for those seeds.  Some are saying they're very hot.  The ones I had that tasted pickled weren't very hot at all.  Not sure they were even "mild".  They just had a bit of a kick to them, but nothing that would make you think "that's hot".  I'd grow them, but I'm not sure I want "another hot pepper".  Maybe next year I'll give them a try to see what I get.
FlameThrower said:
I'd grow them, but I'm not sure I want "another hot pepper".  
The Biquinhos I grew last year had no heat that I could detect at all. Just chinense taste together with some sweetness. To me, the flavor was like a sweeter version of Aji Cachucha. 
I have read that the Chupetinho looks identical to Biquinho but it has some heat; maybe that has something to do with people reporting very hot Biquinhos? 
There are other places to get the seeds besides the vendor linked above; midwestchileheads is one of the vendors that I trust. Not only is he selling them for a lower price, but he also states in the description that "they are not very hot". https://www.midwestchileheads.com/collections/other-varieties/products/biquinho-iiracema


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Can't say I've had the peppers in question, BUT I can vouch that John at Midwest Chileheads is a fantastic vendor with a great reputation and reviews. All around great guy too. Check him out!
I have had these "sweety drop" peppers(they are a pickled pepper) and i have had inca red drops(fresh), and this year i grew biquinho and have had the opportunity to taste them recently(fresh)
this link describes them as inca red drops, and also says they are like cross between jalapeno and cherry pepper(they are not)
this following link will bring you to so much amazing gourmet foods (fair warning) ;)
IMO they are biquinho/chupetinho and not inca red drops 
I am glad i am growing the biquinho this year and look forward to making my own pickled version :)