heat Taiwan man claims to have grown world's hottest chilli


Sounds like BS to me. "About" 1.5 SHU. Pepper not named. Whoever can eat the most of it wins a car???
oh no sorry I just beat him I just invented a Chilli Pepper thats 1.51 million and I am giving away my 1976 matchbox edition dukes of hazard car and my Han Solo figurine that had it head bitten off by me when I created Mask V Star Wars V He-Man battle till death match. To the person who can eat the most.
I have grown a polka dotted pepper the size of a bell pepper that is over 72 BILLION SVU! The person that can even TOUCH it wins the lint out of my belly button...
"Yeh's laboratory determined the heat unit of his chilli"

Ummm, i think i spot the problem!

It's Official....The Wikiwaaa JaIndian Pepper is the hottest pepper out there. It is grown with premium Bull**** and full sun. My head laboratory rat confirmed that his fur will be growing back shortly and the one that passed away had heart problems...or indigestion (I may have mis interpreted a few rats squeaks). Unfortunately I won't be able to send to a reputable lab until the 2nd Tuesday of the third weed of September.

This article will be used for my primo BS Fertilizer.
Oh great... not this shit again.

It was so nice to hear that the ButchT won, because it was a tried-and-true strain amongst chileheads. Certainly a big step up from the previous two unstable, hybrid "I got the hottest! I got the hottest! I win! I want an award too!" bullshit. It was even nice back when the Bhut Jolokia was awarded, because it's a variety bred over the centuries from I read, using traditional breeding and selection.

Now it looks like we might be back to the Infinite and Naga Viper crap all over again. With the main difference being... this thing doesn't even have a name.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I think Guinness needs to focus purely on tried-and-true, stabilized plants whose offspring will grow true, and especially those which are known and regarded by chileheads themselves as some of the hottest of the hottest. Not some random "me-too!" wanna-be poser who can't even stabilize a cultivar, or worse yet, name it.
At the point of "who cares?"

Real chiliheads don't care about records. Go ahead and test them, we'll be here eating them.
Not that Guinness is really any credible source for chile info but in my opinion this is the first time Guinness has ever been right about the hottest known chile in the world. Their history of errors always amazes me
Guiness probably ought to distinguish b/n cultivars and f1 hybrids.
Not just f1 hybrids, but all unstable crosses.
And thats the whole problem. Guinness are beer brewers, not passionate chile-heads like us or plants experts. They are in the "records" business to make money and promote themselves, so accuracy is not exactly a priority.
Sadly thats why one of the questions on the Guinness record application has to do with how much publicity you hope to raise with the record attempt :(
I have said this before, but you can be three to five years ahead of the curve just by taking a poll of the members here who have tasted the peppers. I have to say that so far I am wrong as I thought the 7 I tasted was hotter than the Scorpion when I tasted them side by side, but I guess that is yet to be proven.
Pods change Jay, could be that you got an uber hot 7 or a coolish Scorpion. That and different peppers have different effects on different people.
Having "your" Chilli known as "hottest Chilli in the world" has some good selling point about it. I can't help but think that this is where this claim stems from (and some that preceeded it).