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Talk Cascabels

Grocery store raided a cascabel yesterday (golf ball morphology - the common one) for some seed.

I thin these things taste like smoked fruit rollups, which I love, but can tend to the bitter side.

It seems to me they'd make a nice mole sauce. But...they are tough as nails. How do those of you that grow/dry these deal with them? I've never had a pepper the consistency of a turtle egg before (don't ask me how I know that).
I really like the Cascabell flavor, grew quite a lot this year.... I use(d) them fresh in salsa and mole-kind-of-things.

Others are now dried and will be turned to 'dust' in the grinder

The 'turtle egg consistency' will (almost) disappear if the pod is boiled/blanched for a few minutes :)
I use them a lot in chilis and mixed with other chiles in Mexican dishes and sauces. They are never great producers for me but I love the flavor.
Catarinas are another similar type I've grown which are more productive with sort of a strange flavor


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I dehydrate and grind them and use them as one of the bases for my home made chili powder for AlabamaJacks Texas Red...
seeing that this is cascabel talk. ive never tried one that i know of so i ant add too much or nothing really, but I acquired some Black bomb cascabel seeds.does anyone have experience with this variety or possibly any reliable source of info?
Black bomb cascabels? Sounds like more marketing BS, but maybe I'm wrong.
I think that was being sold by a seed scammer(flyingappleseedco's ) who I believe scammed a lot of people here and I think he's just a kid :(
If it sounds too good to be true and its only available on E-bay then its almost always a scam
they sell them in dried packages locally here in our grocery stores $3.99 for the package of several dried pods, i have picked them up and shook them to hear the rattle but never considered buying them. i bought dried ghost peppers but they were smoked and the seeds didn't germinate(I had to try). i could buy a package just to see how they taste(grind them up into powder), they also have pequin.
I've never been able to find dried cascabels anywhere, not even in Mexican markets. Not even the big one in Indianapolis. None of my Mexican friends have even heard of them, they're all from Chiapas, Mexico City, or Veracruz. Maybe they're not used in those areas, I don't know. I did find some seeds in a local nursery though, so I'm going to give them a try this year.
Here's a link to the same ebay seller that Potawie was referring to. It's to bad cause its an interesting looking pod. I've been watching it for a while but since I don't know this seller I'll stay away.

Cheers Mike