flavor Taste testing yellow Brain Strains

I asked about what to expect on yellow brain strains last week, but last night we got some answers. Last night was spicy Monday, where a group of us go out to a local bar/restaurant and we eat different hot pepper dishes, and we taste test new fresh peppers, when we have something new to try out. I bought a box of the yellow brains a week or so ago and I brought some of them with me last night, along with some other peppers. The general opinion of the forum members here throught that these yellow BSs would be pretty much the same as the regular yellow 7 pods. Since yellow brains are a cross between the yellow 7 pods and the red brain strains, there should be some variability in the pods.
Well, there WAS some dramatic differences. I brought 3 of these with me. One looked like a regular yellow 7 with a pointy end, another looked like the red brain strain in shape, and the last one was sort of pinkish to light orange in color. The two pure yellows tasted about the same. The heat was exactly like the yellow 7s we tried out, but maybe, were a bit sweeter. So, no matter what the shape was, that didn't matter. Now, the "pink" one was a whole different story. That one was rudely hot. It seemed to be almost twice as hot as the more yellow peppers I brought. The burn lasted for a much longer period of time, and a few people who love the regular yellow 7s, couldn't deal with this pink one. This pepper obviously had a lot more red brain strain traits in it compared to the others. I got 25 of these peppers and 5 more have this "pink" color, so I am going to taste test each of these to see if any of those have this same amount of heat.
I'm going to collect all the seeds from these much hotter peppers, just to see if it becomes more consistant in further generations, and weed out the plants that don't keep this trait. Bottom line is, don't assume that these will be just like regular yellow 7 pods. To me, these much hotter peppers were great! They had a good yellow flavor to them, but also had a great heat to them that made a wonderful combination that is different than any other pepper I have tried so far. So, for anyone getting any of these peppers, try each one individually, you may find some really special peppers in the group.
Nice story, do you have any closeup pics of the "pink" one. What other characteristics does it have? Bumpy? With a tail?

Here are some brain strain yellows i picked yesterday. Good taste, like you said, not as hot as the red brain strains.

The yellow ones were just pure yellow. The "pink" ones are the same color as the one on the right in your picture. So, if you are growing these already, have you noticed the more color they get, like the one on the right, the hotter they are? Maybe it was just a coincidence that this one was much hotter. If so, then that is fine, but either way, I found a really special one in the group, and that one made the whole lot well worth buying.
Wow, those are monsters PepperJam. Mine are so tiny in comparison. I'm afraid to try one on its own, but I have noticed a tendency for them to blush orange to some degree the longer I leave the pods on the plant. I have three plants going, the other two haven't started podding yet.