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review TASTINGTHEHEAT.COM's review of Red Hawk sauces

A special thank you to Kendall Stadler of Tastingtheheat.com for the stellar reviews of four of our sauces!!! I believe his was the first review of our newest addition "GREEN MEANIE"


GREEN MEANIE AVOCADO HOT SAUCE from RED HAWK PREMIUM PEPPERS..  This great tasting sauce is as far away from any hot sauce I have ever tasted before.  The truly unique flavor of this sauce is definitely the avocado.  It has a slight guacamole flavor with the added flavor from tomatillo and Jalapeno, with just a hint of mustard.  The texture is very smooth with a great viscosity to pour on or use as a dipping sauce.  This sauce would be fantastic poured on a burger right of the grill, on nachos, or even on tacos (fish, beef or pork).  You could even dilute it with a little olive oil to make a great tasting salad dressing.  I love putting this on top of a bowl of chili with a dollop of sour cream.   I even love it just poured on plain tortilla chips. 

TASTE.. 10 out of 10
HEAT.. 4.5 out of 10





B3 HOT BERRY AND BANANA SAUCE from RED HAWK PREMIUM PEPPERS.. The best way to describe the flavor of this sauce would be like a blueberry, strawberry, banana smoothie with heat.  Once again a full flavored sauce that has a flavor all of its own.  The heat from this very tasty sauce comes from the ghost pepper and mixes well with the fruit flavors perfectly.  This would be great on pork, or chicken.  I mixed this into some vanilla ice cream, added blue berry's and a little milk in the blender and made a spicy milkshake.  I know this sound crazy but it was delicious! 

TASTE.. 10 out of 10
HEAT.. 6.5 out of 10





STRAWBERRY SCORPION STING from RED HAWK PREMIUM PEPPERS.. A excellent strawberry flavor added to the distinctive scorpion pepper taste makes up the biggest part of its flavor with a hint of vanilla.  Its heat is stinging hot from the combination of the scorpion and habanero peppers.  Red Hawk definitely packs in the flavor when making their hot sauces and this one does not skimp on the heat.  I made some wings on the grill with this sauce and it was a very different kind of taste that blew my taste buds away.  FANTASTIC!!  This would also be great on pork or even used as a marinade sauce.  On their webpage they say to mix this with cream cheese to give your morning bagel a kick.  I'm trying this next!  Great Job!

TASTE.. 9.5 out of 10
HEAT.. 8 out of 10





HOLLY ALIMONY!!! SUPERHOT GARLIC SAUCE from RED HAWK PREMIUM PEPPERS.. A very flavorful sauce with lots of heat.   The heat in this one is from a combination of 7 Pot pepper and Tobago hot peppers.  It has a very fast and long burn and the flavor last just as long.  It has a garlic kick, cayenne, vinegar, and there is also a hint of tomato and sweet onion.  The distinctive flavor of the 7 pot pepper is also in the mix to bring you a hot sauce that is just right to add to eggs, sea food, tomato sauces or pork.  It would make an excellent hot wing sauce or to use on BBQ.

TASTE.. 9 out of 10
HEAT.. 7.5 out of 10