***TEMPORARILY CLOSED*** Karl's MONSTER Seed Giveaway 2013, SASBE Offer!!!

Due to the high volume of requests and slow progress of filling everyone's orders, I will be suspending this offer temporarily. I have too much going on to try and continue for the moment. Please do not send any new requests after the effective date and time listed above. Anyone who has already made requests up to that point will still get their seeds, as long as they send their SASBEs to me. Thanks to everyone for their interest in this offer!
Hello, everyone! I have been absent from THP for most of this season. My apologies, I have not forgotten everyone, just a little preoccupied with other matters this year, and shifting foci of my life. Rambling aside, I wanted to finally get this ball rolling, because I have a ton of seeds available that I want to get rid of, since I cannot possibly ever use all of them even if I grew 500 plants a year for the next decade! Anyway, I started this promotion on my YouTube channel last week, and wanted to open it up to everyone here on THP that doesn't do the YouTube thing.
Post here that you are interested, and then PM me with your seed list. I will reply to that with my address, as well as any substitutions to be made. This is a first come, first serve basis. I will check often, first on my YouTube inbox, then here, for new messages, each morning and evening, and on my days off, throughout the day.
Standard SASBE rules apply, and I ask that you enclose a paper with your THP username on it, specifying that you saw this on The Hot Pepper. There is no reasonable limit placed upon how many one person can pick from the list, but I will preface by saying that in a 4x6 bubble envelope, I can fit about 80-90 varieties in the small seed baggies. Pick away, y'all, here is the master list as of today (UPDATED Monday 11-4-13!!!):
Capsicum Annuum:
Ancient Sweet
Banana, Hot
Banana, Sweet Red
Bell, California Wonder
Bell, Chocolate Mini Cherry
Bell, Lilac
Bell, Red
Bell, Unknown
Bulgarian Carrot
Carmen Sweet
Cayenne, Golden
Cayenne, Purple
Cayenne, Red
Cayenne, Ring Of Fire
Cherry Belle
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Hot Bell
Cheyenne, Orange
Chocolate Sweet
Corno di Torro
Fish Pepper
Red Fresno
Giant Marconi
Hot Portugal
Hungarian Black

Italian Frying
Jalapeno, Purple
Jalapeno, Red
Jalapeno, White
Kori Sitakame
Kung Pao
Kung Pao Hybrid
Mirasol "Guajillo"
Monkey Face
Pequin Chiapas
Pero Orange Sweet
Pero Red Sweet
Pero Yellow Sweet
Peter Pepper
Red Pimiento
Purple Flash
Purple UFO
Red Hot Chili
Serrano, Purple
Serrano, Red
Super Chili
Tasmanian Red #1
Thai Bird's Eye
Thai Red
Unknown Orange Carrot
Unknown Red Chile

Capsicum Baccatum:
Aji Cito
Aji Cristal
Aji Limon
Aji Pineapple
Birgits Locoto
Bishop's Crown
Brazilian Starfish
Hot Lemon Drop
Mix, Aji

Capsicum Chinense:
7-Pot Brain Strain Red
7-Pot Jonah
7-Pot Orange
7-Pot Red
7-Pot Red x ???
7-Pot Yellow
Aji Limo
Amazon Orange
Aribibi Gusano Red
Aribibi Gusano Yellow
Baker's Lantern F1
Baker's Lantern F2
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
Bhut Jolokia Peach
Bhut Jolokia Red
Bhut Jolokia Red x ???
Red Biquinho Iracema
Caribbean Red Habanero
Congo Red
Congo Trinidad
Cumari Do Para

Devil's Tongue Yellow
Devil's Tongue White
Fatali White
Fatali Yellow
Fatali Yellow x Red Savina F2
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero Long Chocolate
Habanero Mustard
Habanero Orange
Habanero Long Orange
Habanero Jumbo Peach
Habanero Long Peach
Habanero Red Heart
Habanero Red Jumbo
Habanero Long Red
Jamaican Hot Chocolate

Jamaican Hot Chocolate Strain #4
Naga x Cumari Ou Passarinho
Naga Morich Red
Red Savina
Scotch Bonnet Chocolate
Scotch Bonnet Red
Tiger Teeth

Trinidad Scorpion Red
Unknown #3 (Baker's #1)
Unknown #6 Fatali-like
Unknown #8 Li'l Red Bullets
Unknown #9 Long Bumpy Red
Unknown #10 Red Tongue
Unknown #11 Crinkly Pointed Red
Unknown #14 Red Mushroom "White Bhut"

Unknown #15 Red Tapered Crinkly "White Bhut"
Unknown #16 Red Long "White Bhut"
Yellow Bullet Habanero
Mixed, White Fatali/White 7-Pot

Capsicum Frutescens:
Peruvian Purple
Yellow-Orange Bird Pepper
Zimbabwe Bird Pepper
Unknown #2 (ZanderSpice)

Capsicum Pubescens:
Orange Manzano
Red Rocoto

Capsicum Species/Wilds:
C. Annuum var. Gabruisculum "Tio"
C. Chacoense "C04392"
C. Chinense x C. Frutescens "Devil's Tongue White/Aji Gusanito #1"
C. Chinense x C. Frutescens "Devil's Tongue White/Aji Gusanito #2"
C. Eximium "C01225"
C. Species "TC07246"
C. Species "Baker's Chocolate Habanero Hybrid/Tiger Bomb"
Unknown #1 Green
Unknown #2 Orange
Unknown #3 Red
Unknown #4 Yellow

Mix, Aribibi Gusano/Aji Gusanito
Attention all Hot Pepper users, there are still plenty of seeds available, don't be shy about asking for some! I love sharing new varieties with people, and I know there are a lot of you guys and gals out there eager for next year's grow!
Karl, I don't want to miss out!!  Will look and google thru and pm you shortly.  Keep some for me Please!
Very nice of you.  Thanks