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cuisines TexMex Night at the Relleno

Buenas noches y hola a todos mis amigos, es noche texmex en la casa de los Rellenos.
Good evening my friends, it's TexMex night at the Relleno house.
My family wanted a more Rolled Tacos, I wanted Chimichangas, so hey lets do both.
Thus a couple of Chuckies were acquired for doing both with shredded beef.
Shredded Beef for Chimichangas and Rolled Tacos
Dry brine the chucks with liberally applied Kosher salt for 4 hours per side.
Preheat oven to 375°.
In smoking hot cast iron give them a heavy sear and transfer to a dutch oven.
In the same cast iron, roast some onions and bell peppers.

Add a mix of fresh salsa casera, sofrito and beef broth, for spices some Guajillo chile powder, cumin and Mexican oregano.

375° for 2.5 hours, lower to 250°, add some more beef broth if needed and finish till tender.

Save the braising liquid, cool and defat it to use in some rice or beans, I used about half of mine in my rice.
Cool and shred the beef.

Okay lets make the Chimichangas
First things first, you'll need Extra Large (10"+)tortillas, the bigger the better,
And remember to heat your tortillas up so they don't tear/crack as you're rolling such as chimichangas, burritos and rolled tacos.
For flour tortillas a hot frying pan or griddle works best.
For corn tortillas, I either steam or dip quickly in hot oil.
Lay a tortilla down and add your fillings, I used roasted onion, bell pepper and shredded beef.
You can use whatever meat you like, other fillings added to the meat are veggies, potatoes, cheese and salsa/pico, to name a few.

Wrap it up proper and toothpick or two so it'll not unwrap in the fryer.
Heat oil to 350°-375° and deep fry until golden brown.
If you're making a lot of food like me, you can keep previous batches hot/safe in a 170° oven.

Arroz Mexicana? Not your traditional, this was super beefy flavored and spicy!
In home-style Mexican cooking the liquids from braising meats, cooking beans and such is often used to flavor rice dishes.
My usual recipe but instead of tomato puree or sofrito, I'm using the thick and spicy braising liquid saved from cooking the Chucks.
I used 1-1/2 cups of it along with 3 cups of chicken stock, and some of the roasted onion/bell peppers chopped.
My younger son who is a huge fan of 'Beef Rice-a-Roni', said this similar but 100X times better.
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