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"Thai Chile" identification

I live in Norway, and need help identifying a dried chili from World Market ("Thai Chile"). I'm hoping some of you Americans may know which chili this is. I got it as a present for Yule, along with other spices, from my sister who lives in the US. I am thinking about planting the seeds to see if they will grow, but I know it will drive me crazy not knowing exactly what it is :P

Here's the link for the product:

EDIT: Fixed link.
Yeah, I was just hoping to get lucky, i suppose :P
Here's a picture of mine, if it helps any
chili 1.JPG
Much too big to be Phrik Khi Nu/Prik Kee Noo (Suan), which are Rat/Mouse Turds and/or Bird's Eyes, if I'm not mistaken (or confused. Much confusion going on re: chili-names. There should be an international Chili-Comittee naming and deciding which names are accepted to some sort of Chili-Flora. Argh!).
Looking at Prik Chee Fah (Thai spur chili) now. Just as confusing.
One page says it's about 2" long, "mild for a Thai-chili", and the picture reminds me of what i have.
Another page says it's 6" long and with a scoville rating of 100.000.
I've seen too many wrong things regarding chilis on Wiki to trust these pages (the Wiki-discuss-pages are about as flaming hot as the chilis they're discussing!)

Oh well - I planted them just now and marked them "Thai Bird..?", so I'll just have to wait and see what they really are :) I'll update this post if I get any result.

In the meanwhile, I'm hoping someone on here has done the very same thing, and gotten a positive ID. Thanks for the help do far!
jedisushi06 said:
Not a prik chee faa they are mucj larger.  Could be any random thai chile.  Do the pods grow up or down?
See, that's the problem - I only have these dried pods :) I planted some seeds yesterday, and if they germinate we'll know soon enough:)
I know it's a silly identification-request, but you never know until you've asked (there could have been a heat loving thai-american plant expert working for WorldMarket, who knew exactly what kind of chilis were in this bag on this forum. What? It could! XD).
I'll bet if you grow the seeds out and post photos, folk could give you a much better idea based on the plant and ripe pods.  Problem with trying to identify Thai peppers is that the term is used for so many different peppers.  Even without photos, if I were to place a bet it would be Birdseye but only because that seems to be the most popular thing to call Thai. 


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FUNeral said:
. Much confusion going on re: chili-names. There should be an international Chili-Comittee naming and deciding which names are accepted to some sort of Chili-Flora. Argh!
The issue with this solution is sellers attaching every name to the seeds they're selling thereby adding to the confusion.> Hot Birds Eye Chilli Seeds Thai Chilli Tiny Chilli 50 Seeds
In addition to the three names in the title they threw in, Thai hot, Thai dragon, and boonie pepper, just to cover their bases and add to the confusion.
The larger Asian market nearest me which is Thai owned gets in two peppers they call Birds Eye. One is really tiny and crazy hot. Maybe an inch long at most. The other is longer but not quite as hot. Still pretty freaking hot though. I dont care for the flavor of either actually except for hot vinegar. I like Prick Chee Fah better.