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Thank you THP members.

No coupon.  No discount.  Not hawking.  Just a sincere thank you to the members of THP.  Until three years ago, we were mostly a farmers market type produce farm.  When I couldnt do that one season due to health, my daughter said I should sell produce online.  I thought she was nuts, but created a website and started selling peppers on ebay.  Found THP and made a fool of myself whenever I kept pressing the morphine button.  No kidding, they got buttons that speeds it up.
Later, folk forgave me.  Made lots of friends and many new patrons.  Not just customers.  I suspect a lot of folk have been word of mouthing us on facebook and other places.

Anyway, this is the first Christmas in several years that I have been able to set aside to get the kids some kick ass gifts.  Not saying we are rolling in money.  We are dirt poor.  But my kids are going to wake up on December 25th and not notice how low on the food chain we really are.  Still got a very long way to go, but feeling like a dad again.  Thank you!

Have a very HAPPY Christmas



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Merry Christmas, ajdrew. All the best to you and your family wor a wonderful 2017!


The Hot Pepper

Awesome! Your daughter is so creative at such a young age with the hot sauce reviews etc. and had no idea she is responsible for the online presence. Merry X-mas to your whole fam!


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hogleg said:
The ability to reflect on the past, live in the presence, and look to the future in earnest, is a rare trait. I believe you have it my friend.
Merry Christmas AJ   :cheers:

Very well said!

Happy holidays AJ! At first when you joined I thought you were a super extra weird dude.

I still do, but I did then, too.

(Paraphrased / borrowed from Mitch Hedberg - RIP)

Now that time has passed though I think your my kinda weird - a very generous and funny guy who's heart is in the right place.

Have a very safe and prosperous new year!