The abuility to clear a room?

Has anyone noticed that when you cut into some peppers, they seem to release more into the air than others?  I cut into a mystery pepper today.  You know the kind.  They pop up and you have no clue what they are cause they look like nothing else you planted.  Before I ate the thing, I was coughing from the cap in the air.  Ate the thing, did not seem tremendously hot until the burning burps.
I wonder if some varieties have more of a tendency to send their heat air born.
It probably has to do with the oil in the pepper. I've been cutting up peppers for drying for 7 years and last week, when I cut up some bhutlahs, it was the first time ever that my face was burning a little just by being close to them.
I have not yet cleared a room by processing peppers alone, but by dehydrating them in the kitchen, I frequently get yelled at. And if that is not enough, try this. While making a fried egg for my breakfast sandwich, I sprinkle the powder on just before flipping, and when it goes over, the better half yells and screams at me while running outside! I don't know why?
I definately think some peppers are more pungent than others. I don't think it's the capsacin particularly, but a combination of factors. I have one cross I'm working on that interests me just because it's a superhot but also super-fruity....and when it's cut open in my office, people down the hall smell it. It doesn't burn them, per say, but they smell a strong fruity smell like (I used to live in the Caribbean) one might get if they closed their eyes and cut open a banana or ripe tangerine and held it to their nose.
I'm not sure your question but i have experience clearing rooms with chillies!!
every time i would make my ghost pepper wings in the restaurant the entire staff would give me dirty looks :evil:  :evil:......except for the ones interested in eating them of course. The dishwasher was always tripping when he had to wash all my dishes after.....he would blast them with hot water and this molten hot mist would fill the kitchen leaving us choking for air. good times.
While I've never cut one up and felt burned by one I almost always get family members complaining of the smell.
Me, I cannot understand the problem with the fresh cut ones smelling noxious. To me, most of the ones I grow have a strong fruity smell.
I swear the choc brainstrains I got earlier this summer smelled just lile JuicyFruit chewing gum! I love it.
Now, when the dehydrating under low heat comes, that's when I start hearing the complaints. Lol