seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)


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Both trains will be back on schedule tomorrow (Saturday).
I'll post tracking info when I have it.
That must have been fun! It's hard enough
sorting through one bag at a time!


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Yep .... 14th scheduled for delivery of the A Train. If it arrives on Friday, I'll try to get to get it back on the tracks on Saturday.


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Looks like the 'B' Train is getting closer!

Good time to say that if there are any seeds you would
like from me that I haven't already included, message
me and I will put a packet in the bag with your name
on it. Here's what I am putting in the 'B' package. The
packet in the upper right corner is a JA Red Habanero

Can't really blame the USPS. Ever since it has become a
capitalist target for privatization the politicians have done
everything they can to make it fail so they can step in and
take the business for themselves. Even with it's problems,
our postal service is the best in the world, as evidenced by
many comments about mail service in other countries from
some of our overseas brothers and sisters. IMHO. What do
I know :D
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