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The Drunken Chef

Hey ya'll once again from the big dry ditch of Las Vegas. I had picked up some beautiful chix I wanted to deep fry but soon discovered I didn't have enough oil. Why not just drive down to the local grub store and buy it you ask? BECAUSE I WAS PISS DRUNK!! Alrighty then. I grab the bottle of Hornitos tequila and ready myself to begin the destruction. I fire up the cast iron dutch oven and just start throwing stuff in. Olive oil. Garilc. Julieanned shallot. Chix thighs. Gets a little blurry here but I somehow managed to debone the thighs without chopping off my leg but then all good cooks should be able to pull that off. The vast majority of experienced kitchen rats and riffraff cook much better after a bottle of wine or three. Those of you reading this keep that little kitchen tip in mind, especially when family from out of town is around. If the wife is chewing your ass the next day for your drunken lewd and lascivious behavior in the kitchen the previous night, then you know you must have made a helluva meal and did it right.

Continuing on, I soon missplaced my shot glass and decided to dispensed with it all together. Why should tequila have to go through a middleman anyway. Liquors quicker straight from the bottle. I discovered I had a stash of dried pequins from last season and bada bing bada boom in they went. Same with some forlorn looking button mushrooms. Whirring and stirring with a spoon in one hand and the bottle of firewater in the other, why not deglaze the pan with tequila? Excellent idea! Might as well get rid of the rest of the hab salsa I made the other day. In that goes, adios baby! Add some seasalt and cracked black pepper. Whir and stir. Taste. It tastes like burning. Nice.

Somehow during this culinary rampage I managed to take a few pics.

The beginning of the end...


I think this was chicken..


Stewing in its own juices, just like me..


I can't be sure but I think I ate it with tortilla's but who can say. This morning as I looked at the devastation in the Blues Kitchen I reckoned that were I to detonate a hundred pounds of C4
in the middle of it I would only cause about $21.47 worth of damage. Mrs. Blues was not amused but and well acquainted with my late night shenanigans. Ahhh marital bliss.

Now that I have started this thread, I call on all you THP drunks, sots, and gin blossomed heathens to keep it going. Pics are mandatory and it goes without saying that rule number one is...YOU MUST BE DRUNK WHEN COOKING!!

So get the divorce papers ready, get your favorite bottle of liquid stupid and get cookin' ya'll!

Cheers, TB.
I see McDermott1 lurking about,
I'd like to see some drunken chef-ery from McD1! NOT The Hot Half....(aka McHottie whom we all know is a ~HOTTIE~ and can cook like crazy!)

I'm challenging McD#1 to a Drunken Chef post!

That is basically a challenge to McD1 to post something in the Drunken Chef forum. That's all, sweet and simple.....

..... and I'm sure y'all noticed he completely ignored this ~~~~~ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look I know this is boring and I couldn't be bothered photographing myself cooking sausage on the grill....however, you need to catch a glimpse of Johnsonville brats, cooked in WI and slathered with a mixture of HDB 1841 and OBAMA sauce with Chipotle and Bhut Jolokia.

I thought the Obama sauce would bring about a nice change, but in the end it made me a bit sick.....:)



Ahhhh....smokey chipotle and 1841 on brats with a nice Wolfblass Cab...:woohoo:


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here's last night's Blazing Blue Cheese Burger-


HEY! What's that doing in the burger picture??? (OOPS! Wrong thread~~~ lol )

Used 1 red Savina and 1 "really hot something" (probably a bhut) in the stuffing mix, which was about 1/2 cup when mixed up.

minced garlic, onion and chiles to be mixed with the bleu cheese in the bowl. I added a splash of Spicy Worchester sauce to the bleu cheese and mooshed it all up into a paste.


Using wax paper and a plate, the meat got squished flat, add a little of the bleu cheese stuff, top wiht the other flat burger and seal the edges.


Burgers on the grill, 4 stuffed and 1 plain

almost had a blowout

gotta have the cheddar too!


Honey had to hit the Tums about 2:00am, but it was worth it~~~


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Thanks, Pauly,
Didn't feel like messing up the kitchen last night to fry it up for dinner, so we had it for breakfast.

All we had for dinner was the burger, but that was enough. I'd definitely do it again with a better bleu cheese. I LOVE a good bleu, but that brand was not the best. I wasn't sure how much the bleu would come through, but it was enough to know to use a better bleu next time.


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exactly :)

salsalady said: "I'm challenging McD#1 to a Drunken Chef post!"

..... and I'm sure y'all noticed he completely ignored this ~~~~~ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuh Uh....replied right above your post :)

Texasblues said: "Everybody lurks in Drunken Chef. Why? Because they're drunks!"

which is why you have to post, McD1! MICROWAVE a freaking hot dog if you have to! Heck, JayT does that all the time!

Aw, well, no worries.....I'm sure there will be a bbq or cook out at some time in your near future that will make it's appearance in the hallowed ..(well, okay, maybe not ..."HALLOWED"! :lol: ) halls of the drunken chef thread.

It's all good~
MickyD#1 can only redeem himself if he posts an awesome Chronicle of JayT...

Or he can post some drunken madness in this thread.

What's it gonna be?

SoFlo is callin' you out MickyD's
Well, I thought I would be sober enough to post my ghost-ribs on father's day. When that didn't happen, I thought I'd sober up at some point during the week to follow. Since that hasn't happened...here are the ribs from Sunday. They were hot as hell...but the flavor was amazing.

I unpacked them after 36 hours in the fridge...


The first hour on the smoker...


The picture of bliss:


Let's check the ribs...wait...where the hell are they...in there...somewhere...


Split her open...check it out...


Here's some of them...I was eating them while cutting them up...damn those are good...



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MickyD#1 can only redeem himself if he posts an awesome Chronicle of JayT...

Or he can post some drunken madness in this thread.

What's it gonna be?

SoFlo is callin' you out MickyD's
"Whats it gonna be boy? Come on...I can wait all night... Whats it gonna be boy... yes or no?? Whats it gonna be boy? YES OR NO???"

maybe he needs to SLEEP ON IT! ;) :D

and LUNCHBOX! YEA, BABY! That is a much-loved smoker you have there and it looks like it's still happy to serve up some great grub.


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Mmmmmm ribs....

SL what's wrong with microwave hot dogs? :dance:

absolutely nothing, which was why I suggested it as a Step 1 for McD~ ...to try and break him in gently to the whole "cooking" aspect of the DC thread.

But this might be a situation for a total intervention and McHottie should have him cook the whole meal! No help from others, just cold turkey, all by hisself in the kitchen, and no access to allrecipes.com!