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travel The Great 2021 StettoMoveBlog


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Similar things happening in MX. The value of the land we purchased last year has increased 20%. There still are a lot of places where you can buy land cheaply, but they will even steal your fence there...
Good luck with your search !

Yah, I know it's bad all over, and I still think of Skullbiker's sound words of "Get the damn house or lot FIRST, then move." That was back when everything was $100,000 cheaper.

We'll do ok, the market may explosively adjust downward like it did upward, and we may decide to get a little RV and go live on the beach at Port Aransas and sell t-shirts. Not kidding, I like Texas better anyway.

As long as we don't buy, we're golden to wind up in a place we didn't know we'd fall in love with...I keep bringing up Canyon City and the Raton area, she isn't nibbling yet.

We will abide. This economy was neither a natural supply/demand occurrence nor unintentional. It can't last.

I do miss my half-an-eighth-acre, though.


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...and we may decide to get a little RV

Man, that sucks @stettoman. Unfortunately, we found that RV's have done the same thing price-wise as the housing market. We've been casually looking at travel trailers for the last 3 years or so. They are now easily 50% more expensive than they were 24 months ago. Now we can't even find one we like. Inventory is at an all-time low, both new and used. I hope you get lucky and find something that's not 3x what it's worth. Hang in there buddy.


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An update and "proof of life":

Our 6 month lease is up in two weeks, then we go month to month, with a hefty rent increase to go with it. I honestly thought we'd be moving into a house of our own by now, but the market remains ludicrous. But we abide...ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ

Colorado is DRY. We still run a humidifier every night, and it's the middle of May, fercryinoutloud! The excema usually subsides by now (scratches right buttock), but not yet here. We had three fires in the Springs the other day, turned the sky into a mess. Might be a spooky summer here.

So yeah, we continue to acclimate. The Springs is sprawling, and I'll likely require GPS for the rest of my life here, but I have a number of favorite places stamped into the navigational node of my mind.

Ah, proof of life--Yes, I'm doing a "grow" this year, two whole pepper plants, Aji Oro & Rocoto Rojo. Amazingly to me, neither appear to suffer from the arid conditions:


The Oro has yet to display any blossoms, but the Rojo on the left is flowering profusely, compared. I do miss having a glog to expound on another half-an-eighth-acre adventure, but the promise of a greenhouse remains, if and when we find the right $500,000 $100,000 house. So hope remains.

Where we moved from has almost a year's moisture already, and it isn't even Dirt Day yet. We in southern CO could use some rain...I hear we aren't alone in that...


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Ooh, I forgot this little gem. It's growing over the next door neighbors fence.


Those who know me know what these are, and nary a sign of blacknot! If we're here in July/August I'll get to compete with the birds again!! ðŸĶ