wanted The Group Wanted Ad for Fresh Peppers 2023 Harvest

The Hot Pepper

If you buy fresh peppers here on THP and rely on sellers come harvest time, go ahead and post what you want now, that way, those selling can go through this list come harvest time and you might get first dibs!

I'm thinking over what I want myself. ๐ŸŒถ


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Great idea, Boss. Lots of folks use specific peppers, this could be a good way for sellers to connect.

Looking forward to next growing season, it could be a way for growers and buyers to contract for what they want.

The Hot Pepper

I'll kick this off by asking for some:
  • Red jalapenos with corking
  • Chile rayado
  • Thai peppers, including orange
  • Large stuffing peppers (red preferred)
  • Cumari. pequin, chiltepin and pea-sized varieties
  • Also interested in some superhots but nothing specific
If anyone is growing what could be a combo order of the above, awesome. Let me know.
Great idea! I'm interested in finding:

- Red Zapotecs
- Scotch Bonnets
- Some type of Rocoto

My main interest is eating them, cooking with them, or making a some sauce for personal use, so the volume I'm looking for is lower.