The Hot Pepper Awards 2012 - Winners Announced!

Great list of product there, and CONGRATS to all the winners! I'm happy to see some newer sauce makers getting some accolades.


Thanks to The Boss for coordinating the contest.
Congrats to all the winners!!! Gunther's Gourmet is more then pleased with our 13 awards (Four 1st places, Five 2nd places, Three 3rd places and 1 The Hot Pepper Award for salsa) What a great way to end 2012. Wishing everyone a healthy, safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!!! Now get out there and sell, sell, sell !!!!
Trinimike, nice job on the 1st place award this year!

soupboy, glad this made your year, but it was all you and your fine sauces that did it.

Mike, big conrgats to you and Gunther's Gourmet, you've been winning awards since 2007 and took home the big one this year in Salsa, that is quite a feat.

Much success to you in 2013!

Check them out folks! Some real winners there, literally.
:dance: Congratulations to all the winners in The Hot Pepper Awards 2012
I'm over the moon, 5 awards, now I'm kicking myself, I should have entered our whole out 2013... :hell:
Congrats to all the winners - -- terrific products, you guys deserve it!

We're honored to have received six awards - what a great start to the year! Thanks!
Yeah we all got them. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Printed out a bunch of small ones today and put them on the back of the Piney Hab until I get it worked into the label.