The Hot Pepper Awards 2013 NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES

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The Hot Pepper

It's that time of year!

The Hot Pepper Awards 2013 is NOW accepting entries!

SAVE NOW by catching the EARLYBIRD DEADLINE of August 15!

Extreme Biz members receive 25% off of all entries!

New FOODIE AWARDS this year, where products will be paired with certain foods (based on polling the entrants), and there is no fee to be considered for a Foodie Award!

All of the info is at!
Enter by 8/31 SAVE $10 per entry!
Extreme Biz members save 25%!
Check out the new FOODIE AWARDS this year. NO FEE, just like the Industry Awards, but these are super cool. Condiments will be paired with certain foods, and you get to vote on the foods by picking the one food that goes with your condiment (when you enter). Then, the results will be polled, and condiments judged accordingly.
Example. If "Burger" is a chosen result, all entries that mention Burger will be judged for the Best on a Burger Foodie Award.
Enter as usual, choosing your categories, and Foodie Award consideration is FREE!
Foodie Awards! Check them out.
Barbecue Cane said:
prepare everyone Big Daddy's will be in the 2013 hot pepper Awards
Well be sure to enter by Sept. 30!
FeistyParrot said:
Fiesty Parrot is hoping to be up and running in time to enter with our 'Savage Beast'
If you product is bottled, it's ready. :) Looking forward to it.
Deadline 9/30! 10/1
This year is proving to be one of the best! So many new saucemakers... so may entries!
Hurry and enter to be a part of it:
(We do not have to receive it by 10/1. Ship any time within the 1st week of October.)
I replied to your PM, you asked the same question a few weeks ago. :)
Same answer. No, we do not accept or judge produce.
Thanks for 1 extending the deadline & 2 posting a reminder on FB

I really like the new categorization, btw - makes the competition stiffer as more broad categories means more products in each. Really like the definitions too.

Will ship out tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the last day you can enter online, you can send your packages any day in the first week of October, but you must enter by end-of-day 10/1!
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