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The hottest!

Hey everyone! Ok, buying from ebay did not work for me this year, so next stop pepperlover seeds as many suggested. My question is what are the hottest peppers to buy??
Im getting the Bhut Jolokia, but what others do you suggest, I mean really hot peppers!!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!
Scorps, don't forget to order Scorps.... Trinidad Scorpions are insanely hot!!!

You may also want to consider Naga Morich / Dorset Naga.
For just heat
1. Scorpion-BT
2. 7-pod the real red landrace variety and probably the brain strain too
3. Douglah

For flavor as well as heat I'd go with
1. yellow7 or
2. fatalii
Butch T. Scorpion, Barrackpore 7-Pot, Chocolate Bhut, Primo 7-Pot, Red Bhut, Douglah, 7-Pot (Jonah), and pretty much any Naga.

I'd like to know the details of your ebay experience.
Well, from my experience, they all seem to know what they are selling, they say they harvest the seeds from a farm in the Caribbean, that they have grown peppers for years, all that kind of stuff, well, bought different seeds from different sellers, and the 3 I grew where not even close to the real thing, so dont bother buying from ebay. Hope that helps.
Coming soon to an e-bay site:

For sale: Naga Butch Strain Barrack 7 Pod Hari Viper hot pepper seeds. Great germination rates - 95+ percent in our trials. Very rare - be the first to grow these. Only $20 plus S&H for 15 seeds. Limited supply, order now to assure delivery!

Merry Christmas!

Heat wise
#1 Chocolate 7 POD By far "moo"
#2 Brain strain 7 pod
#3 Bhut joooolllookia

Taste wise