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The Imaginarium of Dr. Knepper's Peppers

Fellow chili heads at the THP. I am going to start out by stating that all things aside, I had my first fresh Black Naga super hot last night and all of the sauces I thought were hot before....have been tamed to say the least.
(Thanks Zander)

Now let's get to the topic at hand, shall we. I have recently purchased three sauces from JaG (as I like to call him) PineyHabExtreme, Habermelon and his infamous Tongue Wrapper. I love the bottle designs. They aren't full fledged commercial production but they do make a statement for the sauces contained within. The Habermelon is a simple design as to not lead you on about the intensity of the heat inside. It is a very mild sauce (to the chili head community) but the flavor is outrageous! Habermelon has opened up my taste buds and my mind to a whole new dimension of tastes I didn't even know where possible.
I walked into my kitchen to find something to drink. My always hungry belly, directed my eyes to a bowl of Frito Scoops sitting on the counter. My chili head instinct lead me to the fridge, where I knew three little delectable sauces where awaiting me. I grabbed for the Habermelon instantaneously. I had been waiting to try this sauce for a whole three days now............(hey, what can I say, I'm an impatient man) So I decided this was it's grandiose moment to pull off a late night performance on my taste buds. The bottle was cold but I knew what was inside would soon wrap around my insides and snuggle them with warmth. I grabbed a Frito (making sure to pic the biggest and best looking scoop available) and set it to the side. Taking the bottle in my had I unscrewed the cap bringing it right to my nose. The aroma that peaked it's head out of the 5oz woozy sent my eyes to the back of my head as I drifted off into a field of fresh melons. My stomach rumbled, breaking the sweet aroma's trance as if to imply that it was getting impatient with me. Time to get down to the dirty business at hand.
Oh no, what do I see? There's a plastic little topper waiting for it's chance to reduce my sauce intake to a single drop at a time. "This just will not do" I say to myself as I grab for a knife. "POP" goes the evil little orifice reducer. (I grin and let out a menacing little laugh, thinking I have some how bested that little piece of plastic) Now things are really getting going. My mouth is watering, my belly is yurning and my eyes are about to shoot right out of my head! I grab the chip and start pouring Habermelon all over the poor little Frito. In my haste, the sauce is sent dribbling down my thumb in a stream heading for my fore arm. I catch it mid wrist with my tongue, cleaning it's existence from my skin. This kicked my taste buds right in their behind and yelled "WAKE UP!" No more waiting, the Frito scoop filled to the brim with pure awesome, was inside my mouth faster than a trailer getting sucked into an F5 tornado. Around 12 Fritos later I found myself brought back to reality.....and missing about 1/3 of the bottle!
Now it was time to sit back and realize what just happened. I pondered on my recent collision with perfection for a short while. My taste buds where all nestled next to each other completely content with life. The watermelon jumped right out the bottle and splashed on my tongue the minute the sauce hit my mouth. To come along for the ride was a sweet and tangy zing that lead right into a mellow habanero induced heat. The soft watermelon mixed with the vibrant habanero mingled beautifully side by side in this delicious sauce. Which make it one of the most delightful treats I have found to date....like buried treasure in the sand.

So, now I am on a pepper high and want (can you guess) more pepper. I'm getting a little thirsty from all the salty Fritos, so I go to the fridge once again and look around. I spot some eggnog.....(yes it is that velvety goodness time of year again) I poor some in a mug that my girlfriend so kindly bought me for our anniversary. (It is ragging with masculinity.....come'on you all know it's hearts and butterflys) I decide that I am going to take the Tongue Wrapper, (Along with it's gorgeous blueberry deliciousness and all of it's ramp'ed up heat) and add it to my nog' for round two of the night. I added about a tablespoon and what an idea of genius this was. One of the best glasses of eggnog I have ever had. With every sip I took to quench my thirst came along with it a warming burn that coated my whole mouth and slowly sizzled it's way down my throat. It's a back and forth match between the milky nog' and warm punchy burn of the peppers. Both sides most definitely win in this battle royal of the senses.

To sum things up, JaG has shown the prowess of an artist, second to none in the mighty field of hot sauce creations. If you have not had a chance to experience this for yourself, you might want to put all other "To Do's" down and get a hold of some of this amazing sauce. (It could quite possibly be in a food group of it's own

Thanks for reading
Great review. I keep hearing all these great things about Brian's sauces. Gonna have to stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game I guess (aka buy some :) ).
Good read 3/5. I automatically remove those reducer thingy's. Like puttin' handcuffs on the bottle.

To myself that is way too much words.

You and I speak the same language....a series of barks, chirps, yips, and whistle's, which represent things such as food, booze, poop patrol and sleepy time. :rofl:
Hey what can I say, the Habermelon brought out my child like wonder. It was a fun piece to write. I was giddy like a kid in a candy shop with my three little bottles. In fact I took the PineyHabExtreme and poured it all over my deviled eggs today. I've just started getting into the expansive world that is hot sauce. These sauces where perfectly unique and I wouldn't want it any other way. No extracts for starters. I do remember back when I was in my early 20's I bought a bottle of this hot sauce called "Shark's Tooth" It was a flask style bottle and came with it's very own shark's tooth on a black string around the bottle....lol. It tasted like shark's breath as well.....but it was hot, I will give it that. When I get some more petty cash I will be purchasing some of the other unique sauces JaG sells on his site. This was supposed to be more of a short story than a direct review Nova....but I am sure it could use some editing....feel free to jump right in and send me a revised copy