The Netherlands joining the party !

Im Rick, 34, from the Netherlands.
I'm half dutch and half italian, so i pretty much grew up in my grandparents garden full of tomatoes and other vegetables.

I grew peppers just for fun a couple years know..plant seeds..water...see what happens.

About 2 months ago i started thinking about growing some peppers and tomatoes again so i started buying seeds.

So far i bought seeds from the US, europe and even from a guy all the way in Tasmania !

When i get home ill fix a list of seeds i bought/collected so far.
I, ofcourse as almost any of you, bought too many seeds so i cant grow em all in 1 season..

I will post the list when im home, so im open to suggestions on what to grow.
I most definitely will grow the sugar rush stripey and scotch bonnets freeport orange.

I have no end goal in mind, but im gonna save seeds and hopefully make some nice powders

any questions, feel free to ask !


Rick 😎🤙
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