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The Not Pepper Awards 2018 WINNERS!


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I'm happy to say that I was the chief badmintoner this year.  It's a great honor - a major award as they say - and I want to thank the judges for all their hard work.  Also my love and respect for all of the worthy members that I so thoroughly badmintoned again and again along my path to glory that was this badminton tournament.  You all tried and you all failed, but you did so admirably and with flaming passion so what I can say other than right on! and high five!??? 
I can begin to tell you all how strenuous and arduous it is to learn how to administer the proper badmintoning, but I won't.  Instead I'd like to say damn spot on with this flight of fancy my man pookie.  And may all your guys 2019 dreams come true.  ;)   


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saiias said:
Fkkk.. I need to ramp up my poetry skill or my meme skills.. 2019 here I cum.

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Do it man. The poetry that is. The hardest part about doing anything, well, it is just "doing it." You've got the knack or you wouldn't have let it fly here.. Let it roll. Succeed or fail, you won't be any worse off than not trying at all. 
The first poem I ever published was about crackheads. If I can do it, I "know" you can.....

Ode to a Crackhead                                   

Oh crackhead, oh crackhead. What dost thou say?
Find a rock and get high today.
Stealing, stealing to buy your dope,
A fortnight past since you’ve seen soap.
Breath from hell, reeking, wrenching smell,
Teeth – who needs them?
Yesterday’s life but a distant dream. Reality in gaps of incarceration.
Crack created a gaping psychic hole, twisted your mind and swallowed your soul.
Oh crackhead, oh crackhead. What dost thou say?
Find a rock and get high today.

Campy as hell, but I actually made $
:cheers:  Cheers my friend! Go for it!

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Bump...because why not?