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The Unintended Grow of 2023

Hi Guys i have decided to grow some peppers again and its been a while.
It all started when i bought a big-ish pop up greenhouse as i have had to spend the money i saved for a proper greenhouse on bills!
But i am excited to be growing peppers again this year and posting pictures as and when i can.
My list of superhots are:
Hurtberry x2
Primo x3
carolina reaper x8
dorset naga x1
gator jigsaw x2
and a few random odds and sods like rooster spur and some really late seedlings that will be only good for overwintering for next year
Butch T Scorpion
Chocolate Primo Reaper.
Catch you guys soon and i hope you are all well
A few quick pictures I will grab some more this week as I'm on holiday


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More peppers its been a bit cold and wet here at the moment but everything seems to be ticking over well
so I thought I would post some pictures of a few cool pods I have growing


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