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These are happening.


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We are having mumu make custom cycling kits for us. Took a while back and forth with design ideas but this is the final product. Already have a few friends ordering them also. Will be cool advertisment cruising around the state and beyond. 

Will post actual pics of kits when we get them. 


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hogleg said:
I know I told ya about my friends crew, PMS (Positive Mens Support) and yes they ride with jerseys that say pms in big red letters   :rofl:
Let me know when they're up for sale, i'll try and talk em in to getting some
Just tops though, one of their team rules is no spandy bottoms.
 If your buddies want one they are $55.00 for club cut and $60.00 for race cut. Then there would be some kind of shipping when I mailed them to you. We are placing our order Friday.  
 Glad you guys dig them. They are going to be very flashy and loud  :onfire: