Thia style sweet chile sauce

Sweet Thai style chile sauce im still working out the details on but it will be something like this.
3/4 cup vinegar (rice or cane)
1/4 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 semi spicy red bell pepper (Antep Aci Dolma)
4-5 Joes Long Cayenne peppers
1" piece of ginger
1 small shallot (golf ball size)
2-3 Tsp minced garlic
Blend/chop/mince whatever then simmer all the above except the sugar for about 10min
Add the sugar and reduce the heat for a few more minutes.
Thicken with tapioca starch and water slurry if needed
1 TBS lime juice after sauce has cooled
Most recipes are mainly just sugar, vinegar, peppers and garlic. My favorite sweet sauces like this though have ginger. Tabasco really nailed it with their Sweet and Spicy but its really mild. Linghams is REALLY good, cheaper but not easy to find at normal markets. Its also a fair amount hotter than the Tabasco version. There are even cheaper ones like Mae Ploy but it just does not thrill me like Linghams. Mine will have far less sodium than any of them. Im still trying to decide how much i want to use or if i want to use some Redboat for the sodium.
I think the main similarity im seeing in all the recipes im finding is......About the same amount of sugar to the total water/vinegar. And the water to vinegar ratios are also very very close. Ive got both cane and rice vinegar but i have way more rice vinegar and its pretty good stuff too.
I just ran into a small snag. SOMEONE ate the last ripe antep i had set aside. They are insanely popular around here. I have plenty more but all of them are green. :( I might have to see how close the Chilhuacle rojo is to fully ripe. I had one turning before we started getting pounded by rain again.