seeds Thinking about starting my seeds indoors now

I am thinking about getting started, out of sheer boredom and the want to have a lot of peppers in fewer plants, but am not sure if it would make a difference. I have indoor lighting that will suffice to keeping any plant alive so that wouldnt be an issue. Anyone else start their peppers indoors around christmas/new years?
I did last year. It was a pain schlepping big plants in and out to harden them off. I'm waiting this year.

I've got a winter plant growing to give me something to watch in the off season. Maybe start one or two of your 2020 plants early and wait on the rest?
I found that leaving peppers out one full cloudy overcast day seemed sufficient for hardening off. Maybe starting super hots soon might be good if that's your goal.
I think it would be super beneficial to get started now! Mucho peppers to yield during the season. I think im gonna give it a shot, i could even change a lighting cycle to send them into fruit early if i wanted to! Will be nice to have habs and jalapenos when i am ready to plant too
I just got the red habs that I ordered yesterday, planted 4 in some fox farm ocean forest soil in 4 inch pots. Purple ghosts should be arriving tomorrow or monday and will also be planting 4 of those as well! I am excited, these guys are gonna be huge when i put them in the ground, I will post some pics as soon as the seedlings pop out if anyone cares to follow along in my journey.
Sorry if this is a little off topic, but I wanted to get started on sowing some seeds with a few week gaps in between so the plants don't have fruits coming all at once like I did in my first year (last year). The problem that Is I don't really know much when it comes to grow lights! My problem that I faced last year was the lack of light and that led to leggy plants which i managed to fix But would definitely face now. I only will have around 10-12 seedlings so wouldn't need large expensive lights but I'm not sure what to get I've seen a "LED Full Spectrum Grow light" and a Dual spectrum (blue+red) CFL light But I'm not sure what would be best? any help or advice would be great!