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soil This is how I am making my soil this season

Sounds like a good mix. If it were me, I`d be careful to measure the pH of the end product, just in case.
It's a great mix but I need to find some better prices on the fertilizers as places like Home Depot are overpriced. I may go to internet buying as Kelp meal is far too expensive at places near me.
jojo said:
I like what u have going on over here better.  http://thehotpepper.com/topic/45041-building-up-my-compost-material/
like I said in that post, I'd add some stuff to it to make it better...  replace the peat moss for coco...  and maybe add some of the stuff from your link.
Better? They did mention worm castings in the link I posted. Coco coir provides no extra benefit in my opinion and from what I have read but if that works for you that's cool.
That was from Peaceful Valley organics in Grass Valley, CA.
I don't think I am going to use this soil this year either as it's once again too damn expensive.
Pain in the ass to grow in this area with quality components without paying Home Depot's outrageous price.
If everyone on this forum used this soil there would be no more threads on nutrient deficiencies. ;)
I have the compost and the kelp meal, now all I need is sphagnum peat moss, red lava rock, neem meal, alfalfa meal, crab meal, all purpose organic fertilizer, rock dust and dolomite lime.