baccatum This mornings Baccatum and Rocotto Harvest

A small ripe amount of peppers today and my first ripe red rocotto off my plant and it was delicious. I cut it up and put it on top of my omelette. The taste was amazing and it actually had an apple like flavor with a moderate heat towards the middle by the seeds. This pepper so far is my favorite tasting . I have about a dozen more ripening on my plant I moved in the house for the winter.


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:clap: Nice winter harvest!! IMO the red pubes taste best too. I've never had a orange or yellow that attained the richness of flavor like the reds. Let a couple of your reds hang nearly a month after they change color (they ripen slow this time of year) til nearly overripe.  My Mexican friends enlightened me about peak ripeness with pubes, they get noticeably sweeter and richer. Sometimes I let a couple go til they show the beginning signs of pruning (wrinkles) and they're so friggen sweet and delicious.  :drooling:
Nice to see you gettin' the pubes down, SR and harvesting winter pods   :cheers:
That red Rocoto looks like a juicy tomato.....
You'd get the fright of your life if you bit into that badboy thinking it was a tomato though lol

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