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movies THSC's European Vacation (look out Griswald's)

I Love Australia and reckon it's the Best Country on the Planet and will tell Anyone that will Listen. And in Every Video i do there will Be an Australian Flag in it, i Love Australia that Much.Left it Once when was 5 but had no choice, since then never Left and Never Wanted too and the Furthest ive Been is Up to Bent's and the Stillman's in Brisbane..

It's been a Bit Hectic for a While and Never Had a Holiday as Ran a lawnmowing Business for 14 Years then started this and now this is Like 24/7 was but now have Luke, Shai, Nathan, Rob and Michelle doing stuff here it's getting Under control and only going 20Hrs a day so cool..

Its My Birthday in a bit over a Month and thought "F**k it" gonna do something for My Birthday..

so went to the Travel agency and asked what to do as wouldn't have had a Clue and was heaps easy,, say where, when and Pay.. "got a Passport?" um no, why would i have a Passport for ? "you need 1" ok

so went got a Passport (they actually let me Have 1) and then got a Ticket..
Flying Out Qantas of Course, they Crash less than everyone else, Bonus... plus AUSTRALIAN.....

Heaps Excited bout Going although Scared as going Alone across to the Other side of the Planet and Got Some Stuff that Gonna Need as Can't Leave Australia , without TAKING some with me to Show Every1, Plus Need stuff..

Passport & Ticket... yea need that.

Australian Jacket to Travel in, since Representing Australia use Aust. Rep Jacket..

Vegemite,, love it or Hate it It's Vegemite and as Australian as I am (nearly) and i Love it on Toast and theres Toast Everywhere so at Least Know can Eat "What's that ? nope got Toast ?" and all good..There's another version that had a Name that Stupid, every1 complained so they chaged it Isnack2.0 or some shit like That."CheesyBite" is pretty stupid too but as it's got cheese in it... every1 know's ya 1st Put Vegemite on toast , then Cheese on and Grill, geez BUTTTTTTTTT apparently its not as Vegemite as Vegemite so Taking some anyway as some1 mayLike it..

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, It's a well known fact that if i don't have 200Gms of it a Day, will die and eat it everyday as not want to find Out if actually do.. this is the Travel Block 200gms so will last a Day.. got 2Kg in big Blocks already to go as need it so will Take as May not be able to get Cadbury, and it must be Cadbury.. Can eat other Chocolate too and do and Will, Lots of It..

Australian Flag.. It would be UnAustralian not to Take an Australian Flag if Leave Australia... When Drunk and Nude, Running down the Middle Of the Road going Aussie Aussie Aussie in a Foreign Country, you HAVE to be Draped in the Australian Flag so Everyone Knows Your Australian,, cause thats what we do and Not want to get Mixed Up with another Country as May Slur the Aussie Aussie Aussie being too Drunk, so no one will Know You Actually Are, So Got to take a Flag// (bummer Not drink, But guaranteed to do something Stupid cause that's what naturally do so Have to Have 1)


and Where am I going to Go and Terrorize ?????????? Europe, Just Like the Griswald's BUT this is Reality, im Alone, scared and Little and Only Speak Australian so thats gonna be F****d going to Euope I Suppose but will be Ok as going to a Happy Friendly Place Denmark, a Little Country in Europe that Stole 1 Of Our chick's a while ago and Turned Her Into a Princess called Mary..

So Im gonna Go over there start of June, Look

June 2nd is my Birthday and going there cause thats what i want for My Birthday this Year, well the Only thing i really want in the Whole World..

im on a Mission, to have Dinner on my Birthday with the Only Person in the World i want to be With, My Beautiful Lady and at 8.15am on my Birthday the 1st Person that will wish me a Happy Birthday will Be My Girl, the person that makes me cry when read her messages, the 1st person that say hello to each Morning when i wake and The Last to say Goodnight too, the Person i sit each night in front of her Pic with candles, Norah Jones Playing and eat my Dinner staring into her Beautiful Eyes awaiting the day can actually do it in Person, just Hold and Be with and that taken with that when think of her and speak, my voice goes all shaky and weird and have to settle down to speak Properly..

i can actually just stand there, eyes closed, listening to Norah Jones thinking of dancing Slowly with her to it and Just Cry from Being So Happy.

She's Stolen my Heart and Have to go see Her , get it Back and be with her to make my Life Complete and May stop Crying Lots as Well..

she's That Like Me, was gonna do the "take you to Paris and Have Dinner awwww" But that's what normal People do and we'd prefer to make a Fire and Lie in the Yard with Plants and watch the Stars at Night in the Backyard than go to Paris so Not going too and Instead, Ill serenade her with my Guitar whilst she Makes Dinner and can then Stare into each Others Eye's Quietly whilst Having..

You may Know her as she's 1 of Us, should see her Plants ..Outstanding.. and so can't wait to see them in Person too, weve been sort of together ya could say for a Bit but not wanting to embarrass her as have a Tendency to be myself and Say What think/Feel as what do, can be a Bit Out there but asked and being my Girl said can say whatever i like awwwww, She's Awesome and wait till we get Together World, Cause she's Like Me But Ya's Just don't know it Yet,, You Will though :P

was a Bit worried as Going a Long way By self and Extremely Clumsy as Every 1 Knows BUT that's all Taken care of cause My Lady Is a Nurse and Whom better to Have as my Girl as Injure self Quite Often, Soo that's taken Care of

So suppose better introduce you to the Beautiful Danish Angel that's making me do weird Stuff that dunno why doing But Doing and going to see ASAP to be with in Person :D My Bandaid Ninja The Gorgeous Jette JSNI here she is http://www.thehotpepper.com/topic/20216-1serious-season-trialerror-or-maybe-hitrun/page__st__40

Sooooooooooooooo There Ya Go,, Its Pay Back Time Denmark, Ya 1st took Mary and Now Stolen my Heart So im gonna Come and Get that 1st.. then See How we Go and Mabee Pinch 1 of Your Chicks and Make Her an Aussie cause she wants a @(*0*)@ Koala, Plus already teaching her aussie and she's even teaching me some Dansk of which my Fav so Far F**Khovad, so Who can tell what's going to happen when there's 2 Of us but will be Awesome Id say ..

Jette, Im Coming to be with you my Angel and thats all want for My Birthday, well my Life,,,,,,,,Look Out Europe, Here I Come and don't try to Stop me Cause That Aint gonna Happen.............. im sure there's gonna Be some Cool things and Pics gonna Happen so Will Keep Every1 Posted here as Go..

Be Excellent EveryOne..
Aussie Aussie Aussie


Ps.. And We and our Family/ies Like to Wish Everyone else in our Big Extended Family a Happy Easter too, Hope You all and ya Families Have a Happy and Safe Easter...
^^ Jealous! :D
That sounds awesome man!
Are you going to sneak some turkey slap in there too!!!?? Destroy unsuspecting foreigners?
Ahhh how sweet really Neil and JNSI hope you all have the time of your life together. Neil you are a crazy kook and I like that about you, have a safe flight and keep us updated on the romance. Happy Earth Day and Good Friday. :dance:
You USED to say the same nice things about ME! Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
See what you've done?! You've gone and made me cry! :crazy:
Look at this, a little THP LOVE!!! Awwwwww, how sweet!
Have fun in Denmark, Neil. You'll have fun! And Jette...wow, you've won the lottery with THIS one! lol :lol:
That's so cool Neil!
You definitely need to go to Amsterdam a bit. ;)
BTW I know British people eat Vegemite/Mermite and they're in Europe. :lol:

It is quite a romantic story. I wish you the best trip ever and an even better birthday! love ya man!

You gotta watch the movie EuroTrip first.
hahahahahaha Thanks Every1, Don't have to worry bout the Burning people Over there, think Jette nearly Killed some 1 with Y7 yesterday

That's my Girl, wait till we together with More Stuff YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and already been invited the the Netherlands Omri by another, said will but this time Just want to be with Jette, and thennnnnnnn might have to get some of THSC Happening Over that way so can come Hang out with Every1 over there when go on Um Business :D But if She'd Like to Go anywhere Whilst im there, then cool Will Let People Know so Can Hang out

any1 in Copenhagen or thereabouts, coool say Hi and f*****g LegoLand!!! .. Were Going, were Going .. SERIOUS .. prob get into trouble in some way shape or Form as somehow always do at those Places and That's here, oh well will have My Beautiful Bandaid Ninja to bail me Out but then, who's gonna Bail us Both out :D

we will both have to come see you Shaun at some Stage too and we can get some UFC happening, Jette's got heaps of Bandaids and Pretty Damn Good with them too :D shit 4.20 am bed suppose oh that reminds me, Nimbin 2011 this Week hmmm

Catch Ya's and Thanks, will keep ya's Posted :onfire:
Have a safe trip and the best of luck for you both! If you happen to plan some romantic Neuschwanstein Castle visit or something in our region: tell me! Here's a bed and a shower. It's the other end of another country... But well, just a few miles and no desert...
What an incredible story and adventure Neil! I wish you all the best amigo! Do your 'thang, have heaps of fun, be safe, and live your life the way you want to. Spend it like its your last dime!
Actually going to a fight next weekend. Just bought 2nd row tockets today. Yay! You know who is fighting this weekend, right?
(sorry to hijack the thread!)
Ahhh Neil ya poor bastard, you got it bad don't ya? You have my condolences. I guess spending ones birthday in the land of anything goes with a lovely lady can't be all bad. I hope you get every wish you ask for and you come back without too many new scars. My best to you.
Seriously, right Pat? I was waiting for him to break out into bad poetry about the color of her eyes and the luscious shape of pert ruby lips and whatnot. If you could bottle all the hormones and endorphines that he's got running through his system right now, it'd take you right back to being a happy horny high school boy. hehehe

Good on ya m8! Love is fun and even moreso when you get to jump through the hoops of distance and timezones. It's painful to be apart, but you make up for that suffering with all the joy you experience when you're together. And you, you lucky sod get a girl that "forces" you on a Euro vacation to boot! Though I'm fairly certain it's wishful thinking that any of the THP members in that neck of the woods will get to hang out. Every second talking to someone who isn't your lady is a second of exploring her awesomeness lost.

Hope you have a great trip m8! And while you're out there, make sure to check out the Danish cheese scene! The land of Havarti has to have some more awesome hidden artesanal cheeses that don't make it out to my market. And if you drink, I'm told akavit it the shiznit. Safe journeys and well wishes for you both! Hope you've got some good folks babysitting for you back at THSC central! :)

good on ya neil have a good one and happy birthday. wonder if theres gona be a special episode of THSC chili tests danish edition? but really have fun out there. and dont get into tooo much trouble