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hot-sauce Tips for helping with nausea/bloating directly after eating?

Hey guys, first time poster. I've been working to increase my tolerance for a competition using da bomb beyond insanity and final solution sauces. I've felt my tolerance grow by leaps and bounds, and even learned to get cap cramps under control! My bottleneck now seems to be crazy nausea in the first 2-4 minutes after eating the stuff, to the point where I feel myself gag after I cough a little too hard. The thumb fist technique has stopped me from actually puking so far, but how can I reduce this feeling? I eat some minced ginger and a banana beforehand as well as some sort of starch and lime juice to help with the cramps but that's it. Any help would be appreciated!
Bit late replay, but I usually drink a full glass of water before hand. Helps prevent upset stomach and gastritis. Yogurt is also really good for bringing the heat down faster and settling the stomach. All that plus anti-acid tablets if it's really bad.

For nausea and head rush feelings, can't really help there. For myself, I've noticed it varies by pepper. Some are worse than others.