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Tomato not doing well


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I've got an indoor tomato plant that's been looking pretty sad recently. Leaves are drying out - from the bottom up. They crumble when I touch them.

Other plants in the same area are not showing anything similar. Bell pepper right next to it looks fine, same goes for everything else around there. Just this one.

Temperature is averaging high 60's (F) and humidity floating around 50%, overall these are stable. Oscillating fan going. Soil is moist but not wet. It gets some sunlight through the window supplemented by grow lights.

Any thoughts?

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...could be one of the blights - Early or Late. Post a pic of the whole plant under normal light.
Whatever it is I would take it far away from my other plants, hoping it hasn't spread already... Burn that thing down and make sure to sanitize your pot before using it again!
No bugs that I can see, no mold I can see. This plant's entire life has been right here - first in the starters (that you see behind it) and then in the pot you see. Pot (Lowe's 5-gallon bucket) and starter flats were new. Soil was all bagged. So I'm having a hard time figuring out what it might have "caught".

If it's environmental, then my entire indoor winter setup is screwed, and it's probably too late to fix it.

There was a lot more red in that pic than I thought - I guess the camera saw more than I did. I'll grab another pic.