seeds Too late to germinate?

I have multiple pepper types that have germinated or recently popped up after planting in seed trays. Mostly cherry that I wanted focus on and one or two hatch, a random white habanero and bulgarian carrot. Most of the hatch, fatali, red savina, 7-pod, ghost, t-scorpion and others from seed I saved from 07-08 are duds.

Our last frost date is ~3/6 and there are several more varieties I would like to germinate.

If I can get additional seeds germinated in the next three weeks (2/16) and in the garden by 3/6, this leaves 100 days of growth to mid-June.

Is that reasonable or wasted effort?
I think you're right on time... I always stagger my sowings. I start my superhots first... I have two that are up, and three more on the heat pad. I'll have the rest of them started by the first week of February. I live in Alabama and like you in Texas, we have a LONG season.
I'm in North Carolina with some plants in flower and some still sprouting. So much depends on what species or hybrid you are working with. You should be good though as I did notice you didn't mention Locopica, C. pubescens, or any of those that you really would do best overwintering.
I'd think that you still have plenty of time left, especially being in Texas. I’m up in Connecticut and still haven’t sown all of my C. Chinense seeds yet (although I will next week). My “cutoff date” for sowing seeds and actually seeing ripe pods (from C. Chinense) is probably around mid-late February. I typically can’t “plant out” until mid-May, and my growing season (zone 6a) usually goes until Halloween, up here in New England. I cant think of any superhots that take any longer than 120 days to maturity.

The only species I’ve had issues with (during that timeframe) are C. Pubescens, which (for me) probably need to be started much earlier, in an attempt to get them to set pods before the late Spring / early Summer heat kicks in. Otherwise, they’ll just drop flowers all year.

YMMV, but I think you’ll be totally fine :) 🍻