seeds too late to grow them. or should i wait till next year

I don't know how long they take to harvest.
If you want to try, maybe you can do a few seeds.
U might have better growth if you can find a good bag of coconut coir bag of soil.
I tried it and peppers like those will grow faster with bigger roots.
I recommend Pro Mix HP
I also add Bigfoot mycorrhizae fungus and see better root results .
I think most soil bags are not good to use straight out of the bag.
I'm always adding Perlite and removing sticks and wood from the dirt bag.
I was growing Lemon Drop on windowsill in a 4-liter container. It did not flower during December-January, probably because of lack of light, but the rest of the time it produced well, for about two and a half years. Very prolific and easy growing. So even if it will not get ripe till the end of the season, you can take it inside and continue there.
hi guys
ive bought some criolla de cocinna peppers from canada .. im going to have a go at these while there is some growing time left. ill start them off on the heat mat. ill let you know how i get on.