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seeds Too late to start seeds

Definitely not late. Espacially since youre starting in Wisconsin. I started my peppers in late April last year and Im in Texas.


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Contrary to the previous comment, it's way too late. You're in a northern climate. Chinense varieties take longer to germinate, grow and set pods. You should have started them a couple months ago.
Probably to late to start and get many pods this year ( might get a few to ripen before it gets too cold) - but if you overwintered plants last year it is definitely not too late to plant and overwinter to get an early start next year !
Many varieties are gunna take to long to germinate and then acclimate to the outside now. Just get some seedlings. Ghosts are not that hard to find. Even Bonnie offers them. Lowes and Home Cheapo stock Bonnie plants in a couple more weeks


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I'd suggest buying some plants from TrentL.  I wish you were a little closer to Kansas..... I'll have several dozen ghost culls.