Top This Sandwich! A sandwich posting game

There are two ways to post a sandwich here.
1. Post what you feel is the best authentic, most unique, or most extreme version of a sandwich (anything goes), which cannot possibly be topped. At the top, post "Top This ____!" Example: Top This Grilled Cheese! Then, tell us about it.
2. The second way to post is to pick a sandwich to try to top. In this post you will mention whose sandwich you are trying to top, and provide a link to it by right clicking the post number (top right of post) and copying/pasting the link to yours. If you post a sandwich here, even if you are trying to top someone, you understand someone may try to top YOU!
If it's not a know type of sandwich, all you have to do is try to top the sandwich using the main ingredient(s) and style of the sandwich, or the "gist" of the sandwich. I'm sure there will be a lot of creativity, so obviously you don't have to "recreate" what they did. The idea is to TOP it with your creativity (or skill!). If they posted a simple yet authentic sandwich, also keep it simple and authentic. Over-the-top isn't topping. It's all about the BEST!
No reposts! Make it for here or don't post it here. :)
This is for fun! It's up to you what tops what but there will be no official winners! Use the Like button.
The most surreal aspect of the whole experience was the smell when I opened the oven after it sat in there for 40 mins resting ... the smell of warm BBQ sauce ...
Danielle says, "I don't think I'm going to like this" (nice, after 13 hrs, right?) because it smelled like BBQ sauce, and she doesn't like condiments with vinegar ...
In the end she didn't like it that much anyways, because the apple wood made it smell like the bacon I like to buy, and so she trimmed the fat and bark ... and therein lies the reason I'm telling this the way that I am ...
I took her fat and bark and put it right the F on top of mine ...
Here's the shot, LOL ...
Keeping it simple like SD....
White bread and pulled pork, cutting back on my cards so put 3 sandwiches worth of pork on one. :)
How long before someone posts a mult-layer "sandwich" that is too tall to actually eat as a sammie, then says Top That! ?  :lol:
I do like the idea of this thread, and expect to see some great sammies here.