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Transplanting/Root Development

Hey guys,

I'm eager to know the variables most important in root development on a theoretical point, and how to maximize the rate of root development.
I'm also curious, as outside of my germination chamber right now I have around about 15 degrees. Some of my seedlings are surviving very well, and are ready to receive sunlight, but three younglings were on their way out, so I took them out and put them back into the germination chamber. At what stage is ideal to transplant?

I am also wondering, sandwich bag germination method, after the seeds have successfully germinated, is it a likely scenario to place them in jiffy pellets with a little bit of seaweed, I am seeking a better way for germination success...

Thanks in advance everybody!

Edit: probably pointless, but has anybody ever tried sandwich bag germination with jiffy pellets? I see no theoretical reason this can't work effectively.... Can somebody correct/inform me?
You should take a close look at how a DWC bucket works. Main take-home points are that roots like moisture, accessible nutrients and lots of air. You can apply these principles to soil culture to achieve root growth.