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Trinidad Scorpion Moruga ?!? bought on Ebay

Hello everyone.
I've bought these from ebay.com : http://www.ebay.com/itm/181047686937?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
The thing is that they don't appear to be similar to the pictures I've found on internet. Could someone post a clear pic of a trinidad moruga scorpion, that way I can compare them ?
If you want to give me some advices about it, please you're welcome :=)
Here are my plants:
see ya
Welcome to THP
You got the common Ebay Moruga seed bait and switch. The Asshole you bought the seeds from, went to the grocery store, bought a Poblano pepper took the seeds out and sent them to you as Moruga. If you want real Moruga seeds try SadisticPeppers or PepperLover. Both are Great Honest members of THP.
Poblano's= Chile Rellano's on the brite side
Once again folks let it be known Ebay IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE FOR SEEDS
Yep... your ebay seller called them TSMs and sent you POBLANOS! Good news is, if you like chiles relleno, you're set, like Hogleg said! lol! Sorry!
thanks for answering so fast. I was pretty sure that wasn't trinidad cause it doesn't look at all the same ! crap 9 month of growing them for nothing...
thanks again.
Is there any website that is trustable enough to know what you are buying?  (the seeds are all the same)...Hogleg said there was 2 people ? websites? that sells them ?
Thanks again. Now i'll just post a negative review to this guy....It's the only good thing to do...
thanks again, apparently i cannot post any feedback because I've waited too much. Bought them in 2013... The thing is that to be sure what you are growing (without any experience at all), you have to wait that the plant grows...and it takes time...
So, if someone is familiar with ebay's code, what should i do now? report him ? is it possible ?