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powder-flake Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Powder from Jeff's Dried Hot Peppers

I picked up a 3 oz jar of Trinidad Scorpion Moruga powder from Jeff's Dried Hot Peppers a few weeks back and I must say this has got to be the most potent chili powder I've ever had. It's a finely ground chili powder and if you're not careful you can breathe in some of that stuff and start coughing pretty bad. I'm pretty sure if I mix a teaspoon of this powder with some water and put it in a spray bottle I'll have a police grade pepper spray.

As far as taste goes there's a hint of sweetness in the powder but the heat hits you like a ton of bricks soon after. It's the perfect complement to all natural hot sauces that have great flavor but don't have enough heat to satisfy a chilihead. It's also great on it's own so if you've made your own sauce and want to add some heat without altering the taste you can add a teaspoon of this powder and you're good to go.

The 3 oz jar doesn't come with a sifter so I poured some of the powder into a mini salt shaker so I can sprinkle it directly on my food. I normally eat fresh chili pods with my meals but I'm really starting to enjoy using powders and hot sauces more frequently.

Also, I just noticed they're out of stock of the TS Moruga powder but they have plenty of other powders you can try.


I got several powders form Jeff recently and they are all excellent. The BrainStrain also has an upfront sweetness that gives way to a searing heat blast. Great Stuff!
All I have to say is WOW! Thank You!
I don't buy much from the vendors here at THP mainly because I grow and dry a lot of my own peppers every year. But after reading Jeff's story, and my own crop failure of Pasilla peppers last year I figured I would make a small purchase of some Holy Mole' to help the cause. The cause is a very worthwhile one by the way, check out his page  .
I, in return, received way more than what I paid for.
Not only did I receive the Holy Mole' powder, packaged in a professional jar with professional labeling, but I also received a sampler of his Chef's Blend 21 AND a packet of seeds for Chinese 5 Color.
Please check out his offerings.