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Trinidad, VA

I can't go to the Caribbean ... so I brought it to my backyard ... via Judy's Pepperlover.com :mouthonfire:




21 Butch T Scorpions
13 Trinidad Douglahs
10 Morouga Strain Scorpions
13 Yellow 7 Pods
3 Trinidad Red Scorpions (original strain)

Thanks Judy !!!
We've been getting some nice rain lately ... so the drip system hasn't been implemented, yet.

Just tested ... 0.5 gph non-compensated emitters ... cause I have a rain barrel 15 ft above ... but it's only a 50 gallon barrel ... and we have droughts here ...

So I did put in an auxiliary line ... using a 20 psi pressure regulator and digital timer hooked up to our well spigot ...

But for now ... rain ... rains supreme ... :rofl:

PS I have 20 "back-up" Trinidads ... that I think I'm going to plant using Sunshine Mix #4 ... my wife won't let me drive to DC for anymore Promix ... :pray:
So this is a newbie question, but will you eventually plant them in the ground or will they mature in the pots? Thanks
Well ... the grasshoppers in our surrounding hay fields went biblical on us ... :eek:

So I had to move all 72 plants up to our second story deck ... my wife wasn't too pleased :hell: ...

They get less sun ... but they are safer from those nasty grasshoppers and the strong NW wind that always blasts through here in the fall ...




Harvested my first Douglah yesterday ...


I'm real happy with the pods that are developing ... :dance:

But, yesterday's earthquake (shook my log home like a rag doll) ... locust plague ... stink bugs returning ... :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: