Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

This is a dedicated grow log for Tristen's awesome cross, which I
have been growing out since 2014.  I'll start with a bit of history and
some photos documenting what's happened so far.
In January of 2014, Tristen (Trippa) sent me a little care package of seeds.
In the package were two generations of a cross he had made, which he just 
called 'Mystery Cross, F1' and 'Mystery Cross, F2'.  
Here's Trippa's Mystery Cross seedlings in February of 2014:


Both generations showing the purple foliage characteristic since the beginning.
Up close look at Trippa's Mystery Crosses, F1 and F2.  Both culled to a single
plant after the photo taken, so I only had one plant of each generation:
The lightning f9 are gorgeous the violet hie is really striking and the V2 F3 yellow have that fat Murupi look about them really lovely.🙂👍


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Cleaned off the outdoor Trippaul Threat v2 F3 yellows.
Still have one plant in the greenhouse, about ready to pick.

From the plant in the 18-gallon container. Saved a few of
these for seeds.

These are from the 3-gallon pot. The white ones at the
left are the last of the Trippaul Threat F9 white. Am drying
a few of these yellows for seeds, as well.
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The F9 Trippaul Threat white in the eight-inch bulb pan is
ready to pick. Some nice upright pods on this little plant.
Will try to keep it going OW after cutting back to some
newer branches.
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The Trippaul Threat F9 White Lightening was pruned
back after harvesting, and put under lights in the garage.
Lots of new growth evident, including flower buds.
Plant in 8” clay bulb pan.



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A great plant to carry on it's growing cycle Paul the F9 Trippaul Threat is a beauty.🙂
This particular specimen had upright pods and flowers,
very unusual for the Trippaul Threat White Lightening. The
small size of this plant might make for a decent bronchi. I
think this clay pot is a bit large to be considered a 'tray planting',
but closer to bonsai than a regular pot.