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vendor True North Reptiles

I have been wanting to get my hands on some of True North Reptile's (Ben & Tasha) famous jerk sauce after hearing all of the hype and positive reviews. Well after some discussion, the mad scientist himself decided that he would be willing to send me a few bottles to try. I purchased 3 bottles and was anxiously awaiting a trial run. The dude worked with me on a very fair price and kept me in the loop the whole way through. Payment over the weekend, shipped Monday morning and promptly sent me a tracking number, and I received them yesterday over lunch. I was blown away by the extras he included....

3 bottles of his jerk sauce, Golden Hab Powder, NM Chili Powder, Chipotle Chili Powder, Arbol Chili Powder

One of the BEST brownies I've ever eaten! You could taste the hint of chili with the scrumptious chocolate and crunch of the added nuts. Bro - off the chain! 
I tried a spoonful of the jerk sauce immediately and instantly had to have 1 more...2 more...haha let me say that the hype and insane goodness did not let me down! I can foresee ordering more in the very near future! Unreal brother! 
Very very positive experience working with TNR and can't recommend enough! 
cruzzfish said:
Did you eat the brownie with the hot sauce?
Haha no he had chili powder cooked into the brownie, but I did eat them back-2-back. The sauce was so good though that you could put it in anything and it would be good!
Awesome! Glad yall enjoyed it and thank you for the review!
One thing about the brownie... That is probably the worst brownie for you (health wise) that you've ever eaten too! The amount of butter and sugar in that thing would make even the most seasoned cardiologist cringe!
I had some of the Golden Hab powder on pizza last night...awesome! Very good flavor and loved the burn. Thanks again man, I've literally been satisfied by everything I received from TNR. If you haven't yet, PM Ben and get some of his powder headed your way.