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U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Hey guys,
     I figured I'd start a late season Glog for my indoor (possibly outdoor for a couple months) grow since I didn't start anything this past spring. I posted some stuff in the Growing sub a couple weeks ago when I ordered all my seeds for my 2017 grow, but I wanted to start a few now to overwinter for a winter project as well as a head start for 2017. Currently I have a setup for 5 4ft T8 twin tube fixtures (10 bulbs) with 6500K bulbs right now as I don't normally overwinter plants so I haven't needed anything stronger yet... I only keep 4 fixtures on it for seedlings. I may upgrade to a Quantum Badboy 8 bulb T5HO, or a DIY COB LED setup, not decided yet, I need to do more research on the LED. I have followed a few DIY builds on here and people here seem to have good luck with their DIY COB LED setups and I have seen people growing to pods with both indoors. I don't want to deal with the cost or heat of MH or HPS. I guess the good thing about LED is they don't normally degrade or have to be replaced seasonally like T8 or T5 bulbs.
I only have room to start about 300 plants in the spring, The most I have started in years past was 288, so my list wont get much bigger for 2017, but here is my 2017 grow list so far. I normally start about 10 or so of each plant and give some away to my family members with gardens, Keeping only 2 or 3 of each variety for myself. I have all these seeds in hand right now, with the exception of a couple.
Orange Habanero
Carribbean Red Habanero
Fidalga Preto
7 Pod Jonah Yellow
7 Pod Barrackpore
7 Pod Douglah
7 Pod Bubblegum
7 Pot Brain Strain
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate THSC
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T./Reaper (BTR)
Carolina Reaper HP22B
Carolina Reaper HP22B
Chocolate Primo/Reaper (CPR)
Chocolate Reaper
Borg 9
Purple Naga Viper
Bhut Jolokia
CP115 - TS Douglah/TS Butch T Chocolate



I started 4 Seeds from Butch Taylor on July 1st with a heat mat. Since I just have 4 I started them in 3 inch square pots instead of the smaller cells. Soil temp stays around 82F to 84F - 
Butch T. x Reaper
Chocolate Primo x Reaper
Butch T. Red
Carolina Reaper
I have a hook already today (July 8th) from the Butch T. x Reaper. You can see it in the pics below:   :dance:


I will try to post an update with Pictures once or twice per week depending on if I have changes or not.
Thanks for looking!   :onfire:
Looks good. Better late than never. Hippy Seed Company has some good stuff.

I'm going the DIY led cob route. I've got almost everything but the cob's. Been to busy to build, so I haven't ordered them.

Good luck
Also, a couple varieties are on my list twice because I got some from Butch Taylor and some from Neil at THSC. I just copied the list of names from my spreadsheet.
Hey guys,

So far so good. My CPxR still hasn't sprouted, it's been 16 days. I might try again on that one. The other 3 seem to be doing ok. The BTxR is a getting a little more purple than I would like to see. My 6500k T8 are set at 4.25in above plant tops so I should be ok I think.


Weekly update:

BT/R still getting even more purple. Raised the lights to 6 inches to see if that helps. 1st sets of true leaves are starting to poke up. CP/R never sprouted it's been 21 days, I left the original seed in there just in case, but added another seed on the 17th. Also planted a couple jalapeño and habanero seeds just for fun and to compare growth rates.






Hey guys,

My 3 super hots are not really growing and kind of yellowing. I moved them outside last week to see if that would help. They are on my covered front porch that gets just a couple hours of morning sun.

My jalapeño and habaneros that are 2 weeks younger are now way ahead of the others.

The only difference is the super hots are in burpee organic coir seed start mix, and the jalapeño and habs are in normal seed starting mix.

Maybe they are lacking some nutes being in the coir. I haven't fertilized them at all yet. Maybe too much water?

So I made this post in growing also, and repotted them into the same soil as the other 2 that are doing well. You can see that post here... http://thehotpepper.com/index.php?/topic/61377-Seedlings-Not-Growing/yellowing

I may actually try hydro with one of these just to see if it helps. I've been watching Kang Starr's videos and he had a similar experience with seedlings not doing well. He changed them over to hydro and they exploded with growth.
Looks like repotting into normal seed start mix worked! I left them alone for 2 days, did not water so they could dry out after the repot, then watered and they have started growing again!



And after 3 weeks, my CPxR decided to sprout! It's in the coir still though, so I'll do the same with it and repot it in normal mix.


Bonus cactus collection pic...


Hopefully everything goes smoother from here on out :-)
Hey guys, hunting season hit and pretty much took over my last few months. I'm still here, although I may have lost these plants due to lack of attention, and the tops started wilting, from there they seem to be a lost cause now. But I may start a few more yet. I plan on starting most for 2017 by February 1st. I may even do January 1st due to me being so far north and having a very short season.


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Jan. 1 for the chinenses for sure.  Even here at the 45th parallel
they really need time to get growing.  The big problem here is a usually
cloudy and damp Spring, so plants get knocked back a little.
Sorry to hear about your plants.  Good luck next year!
Hey all, I'm back at it again! I managed to save 2 of the plants that I started last July for winter projects, the Habanero and the BTR. They have just been growing in my kitchen window all winter. They've recovered nicely after I left them out too long into the season and their tops froze. The one positive from that is since they were basically topped, they're very short and bushing out nicely now.  I haven't fertilized at all, just letting them grow nice and slow.  I'm starting most of my other seeds for my 2017 grow tonight and will post some pics up in the next few days. 

And the Butch T. x Reaper

Here's a pic of my current seed collection for this years grow. I still have a few varieties to get yet, but this is 80% of what I plan on growing this year. 

*Edited to resize pics so they weren't giant...
I finished sowing all my seeds last night. 4 72 cell trays, 288 seeds total. I only had 2 heat mats though and needed two more. I ordered one big one instead, and a thermostat for it. I figure one large mat (48"x20") should be more consistent than 4 individual 10"x20" mats. That stuff should be here tomorrow. I ended up using clear plastic knives for labels. I couldn't find white ones. I'll probably redo them with white or just get actual plant labels later.

I'll post more pics and a updated grow list when I get home today.

Heat mat and thermostat came in this morning. Ran home on lunch and hooked it all up. Also got a new power strip. Going to tidy up all the wires tonight after work.

Hopefully the heat mat can get them up to around 83F. Currently my basement stays around 60F. I used to have them in the heated finished room in my basement, but my girlfriend moved in with me last summer and her son now resides in that room since my kids have the rooms upstairs.



I decided to go with the Ink Bird thermostat ($20) from amazon rather than the more common Apollo, Jumpstart, etc... ones people use since the reviews on them weren't great. I bumped it up to 83 max, 82 min before I left.

Bought a few more things. Got the actual plant labels, they look nicer and are more durable so I can re use them yearly, clear knifes I used are hard too read. Also got an air temp/humidity monitor (I plan on getting a grow tent soon). Also got more seeds, some milder varieties. The Godfather and Salsa Delight are left overs I had from 2010 season, so I doubt they'll germinate, but I'm going to try anyways I think I have a pepper addiction problem... [emoji16]

Heat mat and thermometer are working nicely also!




I let my OCD loose today... got all my wiring cleaned up! I didn't really take a "before" pic, but it's close, you can see most of the mess...

Before -




After -





And also re-labeled my cells with the actual plant labels. Those also look much nicer now as well.