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U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

Hey guys,
     I figured I'd start a late season Glog for my indoor (possibly outdoor for a couple months) grow since I didn't start anything this past spring. I posted some stuff in the Growing sub a couple weeks ago when I ordered all my seeds for my 2017 grow, but I wanted to start a few now to overwinter for a winter project as well as a head start for 2017. Currently I have a setup for 5 4ft T8 twin tube fixtures (10 bulbs) with 6500K bulbs right now as I don't normally overwinter plants so I haven't needed anything stronger yet... I only keep 4 fixtures on it for seedlings. I may upgrade to a Quantum Badboy 8 bulb T5HO, or a DIY COB LED setup, not decided yet, I need to do more research on the LED. I have followed a few DIY builds on here and people here seem to have good luck with their DIY COB LED setups and I have seen people growing to pods with both indoors. I don't want to deal with the cost or heat of MH or HPS. I guess the good thing about LED is they don't normally degrade or have to be replaced seasonally like T8 or T5 bulbs.
I only have room to start about 300 plants in the spring, The most I have started in years past was 288, so my list wont get much bigger for 2017, but here is my 2017 grow list so far. I normally start about 10 or so of each plant and give some away to my family members with gardens, Keeping only 2 or 3 of each variety for myself. I have all these seeds in hand right now, with the exception of a couple.
Orange Habanero
Carribbean Red Habanero
Fidalga Preto
7 Pod Jonah Yellow
7 Pod Barrackpore
7 Pod Douglah
7 Pod Bubblegum
7 Pot Brain Strain
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate THSC
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T./Reaper (BTR)
Carolina Reaper HP22B
Carolina Reaper HP22B
Chocolate Primo/Reaper (CPR)
Chocolate Reaper
Borg 9
Purple Naga Viper
Bhut Jolokia
CP115 - TS Douglah/TS Butch T Chocolate



I started 4 Seeds from Butch Taylor on July 1st with a heat mat. Since I just have 4 I started them in 3 inch square pots instead of the smaller cells. Soil temp stays around 82F to 84F - 
Butch T. x Reaper
Chocolate Primo x Reaper
Butch T. Red
Carolina Reaper
I have a hook already today (July 8th) from the Butch T. x Reaper. You can see it in the pics below:   :dance:


I will try to post an update with Pictures once or twice per week depending on if I have changes or not.
Thanks for looking!   :onfire:
I had a few more varieties on my list that I still wanted, so I ordered them! (Price shown in AUD, only $40 USD after conversion and discount)   :onfire:  :dance:     Definitely going to be giving away some asap this year!!!  :rofl:  (Picked up some tomato and cucumber seeds today also. wont be able to sow those until probably late March/April

Here is my updated grow list. not all the quantities are accurate, but I'll update those tomorrow...
Trident chilli said:
Impressive list .... wishing you all the very best for this season
Thank you! Same to you also! My list should be done growing for this year now (For real this time... :rofl: ). One of my goals is to pollinate and isolate a few pods of each to start building up my seed collection so next season, I won't have to buy so many, and also hopefully trade with other members to expand my collection even further.
Used some cardboard, double sided tape and emergency blankets to make some reflector panels. Last year I just had the blankets taped to the PVC and they would blow around making noise and getting torn. This works much better. No noise, no tearing. Just punched holes and zip tied to the pvc. Need to make a front panel still. It was a real PITA to get the back corners without taking everything apart.

They also block the draft coming from the window above the table.

They really help and cost was only $9 total for 2 blankets and the tape. Took me about 3 hours though.


Few others joined the party. That Reaper that sprouted has quad cotyldons. I've had tri-cotys before, but never quad-cotys. I know that there are plenty of threads on quad-cotys on here already, so nothing crazy. Nonetheless, still cool to see. From the threads I read that followed from seedling to maturity, seems as some with quad-cotys will in fact start with 2 sets of true leaves. They grow slower due to more splitting, but on the one thread, it turned into a monster plant once it got going.

You can see a couple of those threads here if you're interested...



Anyway, here's some pics

Quad Coty Reaper, hard to see, they're all bunched together still. I'll get a better pic when they open up.


Purple Viper Naga


Also have a CPR sprouted with helmet head, going to give him til tomorrow after work and try to remove it, he's still pretty small right now. I already had to remove 3 others from habs and jalapeños. I attribute this being likely due to me planting a little shallower this year, some of these super hots are so tiny when they sprout, so I only went 1/4" deep or even a little under this season to give them a better chance to push through.
Devv said:
Very nice grow area, plenty of lights I see ;)
Congrats on the youngins!
Thanks Devv! I'll be adding my 5th Fixture to it once I pot them up. Puts me right around 2000 lumens per sq ft. I've been doing more research today on the DIY COB setups though. Originally, I wanted to to upgrade to a quantum T5 8 lamp fixture, but with bulbs, it'll be $250 to $280, I can build a hella nice LED setup for the same or less that uses half the power and still puts out insane amounts of light.
Also pulled the trigger on 100 1 gallon pots from eBay. Got them for $39.50 with free shipping. Couldn't find them locally for less than $1 per pot. Ended up going with green instead of black, just think the green looks a little nicer. Should be here next Friday.