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Uh oh. I've been noticed.

Every now and then, I screw up an order and get a nasty gram.  I usually refund the order or send out double or something with an apology.  Everyone is usually happy.  I knew it was going to come eventually but figured for now, we are entirely too small for anyone to care.  It really is the kids and me, sometimes with a bit of help from my wife.  I really do scoot around on my butt and weed by hand.  Oh but it had to happen.
There was no why.  It doesn't matter who.  It was just a sort of a you are not all that sort of nasty gram.  I replied by saying you are right.  I am just an old gimpy hippie trying to provide for my kids the best I can.

So think I am going to start adding photos to our site so folk can see the broke down tractor, old farm truck that doesnt run half the time, the make shift high tunnel, and all other things you'd expect from such a small family farm.  Folk be acting like we are all swimming pools and movie stars.  Man, I hardly ever wear a shirt around here.
That's too bad, man.  Sorry to hear it.
And I think more pictures of the farm is a great idea!
People like to make a connection with what or from where they're purchasing.  Those 'behind the scenes' photos and stories(which you already seem to provide) help make it more personal with the consumer, and that sticks with them.  Rather than a cold, sterile, transaction, that they'll forget about immediately.
Even if it is your broke down tractor, and make shift things and whatnot...that's real, and has character.
That's what I think, at least.