uploaded pics appear sideways.

when i upload a pic it goes in the thread rotated. i`ve seen other users with the same problem. i have posted 2 pics so far and the 1st one posted normal and the second one was rotated but i did nothing different. any help with this? thanks in advance. 
What photo sharing service are you using?  Have you tried to correct the image orientation on the server, before requesting the share link?
For example, I like to use Flickr, and they have the option to edit the photo on their storage space.  You can rotate, crop, etc, and save the changes.  Then, it will just display as you see it.


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Try turning your phone sideways when taking the picture. Works everytime when I do it that way. If you take a picture with your phone in normal position, then crop the image down a little before you post it and it will post normal. Both solutions work everytime for me.
That has always been a downside to posting pics on this forum (the lack of control of said pics after posting). Limit pics to landscape and make sure camera is orientated properly at the time the pic is taken.

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If you edit the pic before uploading it will upload correctly. Editing it "saves" the orientation instead of using native, which would be the way you held the phone. Really it is uploading correctly, but other sites like FB have better software that read the orientation EXIF. This will be fixed in the fall however.