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fertilizer Urban Farm Fertilizer company

I am on a weekend away and found some interesting liquid fertilizer made by the company mentioned above. It is called Texas Tomato Food and the numbers are 3.8 3.1 7.0. The ingredients include bat guano, humic acid, worm.casts, kelp, mychorrhizae, and enzymes.

Anybody heard anything good or bad about Urban Farm Fertilizers?
Never heard of em, but those are some great ingredients for ferts.

I use them in compost tea and I would bet that they work just as well in a fertilizer. Gonna see if they have a website.
They are a small Texas based company. Had went to a hydro store, picked out a bunch of stuff and found out they do not take plastic.....down in McAllen we have no hydro shops so I was kind of bummed. Here in Houston found another place, more of a hardware store, found this product and bought 3 bottles. Hope it turns out good.

Looks like great ingredients plus added calcium.
I thought you were against feeding extra calcium? ;)

Looks like a good product. I couldn't find any reviews from a quick Google search. Let us know how it does.


Yea, it sounds like a good organic fertilizer. Calcium is a very needed secondary macronutrient. The NPK ratios sound nice.
It is liquid.....