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chinense Variation on Burkina Faso Scotch Bonnet

Hi y'all hope everything's good
I've grown a BF Yellow Scotch Bonnet, seeds from SLP, and for my surprise after letting em full time to ripe (harvested first time today) they hasn't turned yellow as supposed to be, they has like a cream peachy white colour.
I gave some seeds to a friend and those ones turned out nicely yellow orange, bigger ball size and not as pointed as some pods I've got.
Don't know if anyone have experienced this with BF Scotch Bonnet but I'm in love with the colour and shape, they spent a lot time to set fruit but the yield was finally nice.
Here's some pics of my creamy BF Scotch Bonnet and my friends yellow BF Scotch Bonnet.


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Yeah I feel super lucky to have found a white variety and even more having a different shape pod.
About the taste I think it's hella more sweet thsn a red Scotch bonnet, like peach n pineapple with citrusy notes it reminds me a lot like a fatalii taste but more on the sweet Caribbean hab.
Definitely feels same or a bit less hot than a regular Sctoch but I love the sweet fruity taste sure will combine perfectly with many dishes and sauces
Also so happy with the seed quantity of the pods compared with other scotch bonnets experiences I've had.
Can't wait to try the S1 and hybrids I've made with it


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Really nice pods, and it seems taste was great aswell!
Looking forward to see how the next generation will look like
Woah these look so cool. I used to work for a non profit that does work in Burkina Faso. I am definitely going to be following this strain.