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Very rootbound Moruga Scorpion.

Love this plant but it's in a 5 gallon container and very rootbound..can hardly stick my finger into soil because I hit roots.
Just seeing what others do. It's going into a much bigger container now. Should I trim the roots? I've done this before with no problems but not this large of a container. Thanks :)

     Definitely do it. I transplanted a huge 7pot from a 20 gallon pot into a recycling bin this spring. I was ruthless with the root pruning as an experiment to see how much I could get away with. It loved it and is by far my biggest, most productive plant this season (or ever).
Yep, get to work with the Ginsu. It will be ok.  :P Trim it, dip it, in microbe tea and transplant.
Probably not the case here, but if doing extensive root pruning try to match the curtains to the drapes ie. roughly the same sizing. Harsh root pruning (50%+) of the root ball requires a good hack back of the shoots as well.
I believe that's the expression ie. what you said. I jumble everything together and remake in a haphazard way. Watched a lot of All in the Family and cockney sitcoms when I was a wee shit.