marketing Vinyl Banners for Farmers Markets / Expos

About to start my first farmers market. I got my 10x10 tent, and my table and table cloth.  Now I just need to get a banner or two made.
Curious - do you do this service online somewhere? If so, where? How much should I expect to pay? Do you think a banner usually looks best draped off the table of products or hung up on the tent?
Just lookin for any pointers before goin forward with it.  I have about $80 budgeted for this, I figure that should get it done easily.  Thanks!
I don't think you will find a banner that will handle the rigors of outdoor weather for too long for 80 bux....
I suggest a 10 foot wide banner and only 5 feet long, as anything longer than that will not be seen due to the table.
id suggest cloth over vinyl....for me, it is just easier to fold and travel with....i try and be as economical as possible.
i do this stuff  on the side.. feel free to email me at and i can quote some possibilities.
good luck.