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There was some really good stuff going down in this TD.  
That said, I  had  problems  with certain aspects of a few  dishes that I just couldn't get past.  
The combo of flavours and the fact that Grant did a really fine job on that paella even without a paella pan hooked me .
  I might have to just give in and  invest in a paella pan, I have walked away from buying one a couple times in the last 6 months or so. 
I was really into GIP's when it was happening too, as a matter of fact ...
SF is in the crown count range now, where I need his meals to challenge himself, to get votes ...
It's a right of passage, joining Sum and PIC1 and even JHP - where you might not get my vote for having the best of show, unless it's also a personal best of sorts ...
And this time, SF's was just that, so I have to place that vote ...
I prefer the feels of being a part of people getting their first crown ... and since there's really no fucking rhyme or reason to the voting, I've become comfortable with my own biases.
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