wanted wanted: Grenada Seasoning plants for sale (and/or Aji Dulce#2's)

Hey all,
I was a little late ordering plants this year and forgot to get Grenada Seasoning (I have seeds of G.S. but would prefer just to get a large plant from a greenhouse grower :) ).
Anyone have extra plants to sell?
Note: I found one online seller for Grenada, but the shipping is a bit rough ($30 vs USPS which is much cheaper I would think).

Note: my friend offered Aji Dulce#2 so I may have that one covered at least (although I may still be looking for Aji Dulce Yellow).
Hi there Ari...sorry I don't have those growing to help you with plants but....
Check Piedmont Farm in South Carolina...they have Granada Seasoning plant...don't know if they have A.Dulce #2Yellow.

(864) 583-1494
Hey @wiriwifi, That was the place with ~$30 shipping :). I'd have to buy 6 plants + shipping = $70. So I looking for another source for now. Trying to convince my sister to drive down there from Asheville NC and then ship to me, but she is busy with her life/kids so she probably cannot get.
I usually order from chiliplants.com but they are sold out this year.
That;s a lot for shipping....I was looking 2  weeks ago  for some seeds/plant including at  REFINING FIRE CHILIES & if I recall, they seem to have a
lot of plants but was not shipping till May....they didn't have what I was looking for thou :(