Welcome to The NEW Hot Pepper!

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The Hot Pepper

Disclaimer: This is a soft launch. We are aware there will be issues, please let us know if you are not able to log in, post, etc. There is also housekeeping to be done, some cleanup of older posts, malformed links, embedded videos, etc. that we will tackle. But first and foremost, let's get you posting!

I'm very exited to announce The NEW Hot Pepper!
The goal:
Modern look and features, a re-focus on hot peppers while maintaining all the categories of interest you love.
The result:

A lot has changed, but the foundation is still here. We've condensed a lot of categories, but within each category there is a "subject" tag selector for your post, which in essence, gives you even more choices than before. For example, those who wanted an organic gardening category can now find that within Hot Pepper Growing!

You'll see the headers Hot Stuff and Hot or Not Stuff. This allows you to still talk "hot stuff" in both areas, instead of limiting it to hot and not sections, as before. That's why you see Food, Beverage, and Post Your Eats! in Hot or Not Stuff. One place! Spicy shrimp pizza or classic margherita, one section! Need to ask about smoking temperatures? Choose Food and "smoking." Etc!

Post Your Eats! and Glogs are now blog style forums, so check them out by visiting those forums.

Organization and staying focused on hot peppers was key but all the old subjects are still here, plus more! The Lounge even has some "outdoors" and "photography" subject tags. πŸ¦…πŸ“·

You will find this site mobile friendly!

Android users can add the app by going to the homepage, clicking the hamburger menu top right [...] and choosing Install App!

Push notifications are available in your Preferences.

You can mention users with the @ tag.

Everyone can upload pics, and they are not sideways. πŸ™ƒ

You can use the old smiles, or emoji. :fireball:or πŸ”₯

Giphy in the editor.

Reactions other than Like.

Quoting is easy. Use the Reply button for a single quote, or Quote for multiple (so in most cases, Reply). If you want to quote only a portion of the post, highlight it with the mouse (or press/highlight on mobile) and click Reply under it.

Dark Mode/Light Mode selector in header and footer.

Bookmark posts for easy finding. They are saved in Bookmarks under your username tab.

Save drafts! You don't even have to click Save. If you compose a post you can come back to it later, it will still be there! It will last 4 days.

Q&A forums with up/downvoting.

All paid memberships had 1 month added to make up for the 2 weeks down (doubled it).

Yes, there will be issues! Hopefully you can get posting and feel at home quickly. Thank you for your patience!
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Not sure what you mean you can just link it or upload it.
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